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Headache Sufferers’ Stories

Hearing stories of other people who struggle with headache can bring tremendous comfort. Although none of us would wish this upon anyone, knowing you’re not alone affirms that your suffering is real and that there’s always hope.

Lisa’s headache story, from iVillage, is a snapshot of the life and coping mechanisms of a working 42-year-old mother and grandmother. You not only see what she’s gone through, but she also shares her best advice and a glimpse of her daily routine.

What’s your story? I’d love to hear it and, if you don’t mind, share it here so that others with headache can learn from it.

4 thoughts on “Headache Sufferers’ Stories”

  1. I was mad my last visit since I was expecting to get some real medicine. However, my dad complained saying that the reason for having constant headaches was because of the fact that I got the wrong hours of sleep. Like how I would sleep for some time and wake up again to do my homework and repeat that throughout the day. He had thought that I should get my sleep all at one time and that would solve everything. When the doctor had heard this, she had agreed and thought he was right. I knew they were wrong since I had headaches during the weekends and breaks off from school. I complained but they did not listen at all and even after my proof about still having headaches when I did not perform this method just to finish my homework since there was not as much and it was not needed. They had told me just to try it out and check back in a month. There was nothing I could do especially since they were both adults and a doctor was recommending the same treatment as my dad was. I am in high school now and I can’t keep up with things like elementary and middle school.Although this problem has been with all my life, it is serious since everything is counting now. My dad and the doctor were not thinking it from my point of view. Its not like I never get enough sleep. Do other people who do not get enough sleep have headaches as serious as this. The only reason I did this method of doing my homework was because my headaches caused me not to concentrate. So, my headaches could not be coming because of this method since the headaches started the method, dah!!!! I had an uncle who even made fun of my sleeping and dullness from the headaches, as if its my fault. Does he think making fun of me will stop it. Anyways, so I actually listened and got the “right” hours of sleep just to prove it wasn’t my problem. Of course this made me unable to finish my homework and I had to try to finish during school. After that long month of struggling, I proved to be right and still had headaches. They had thought that if they were wrong then it would not matter. But it did to me since it meant that I would have to suffer another month before being cured. If they had just knew how much I am suffering, then they would have thought how unreasonable an idea it was to think that it was because of my sleeping. Especially since I had only did that method this year in the ninth grade and not in school breaks either. I also just recently figured out that one of my other uncles has had the same problem when he was younger. I was shocked to hear this too since I never would have expected. So, he started talking to me about it and it seemed alot like mine. It felt good to know that I had a relative that I could relate to. What was also interesting was also that his problem one day miraculously disappeared. Since the problem could be genetic, maybe there’s hope for me after all. But in the meantime I still go to the doctor regularly and my problem has not gone yet. I hope my story ends happily ever after like his did.

  2. I admit, I’ve been reeling a bit lately, and had to take a break from reading my favorite headache bloggers. After 18 mos, and “failing” one more preventative med, I’m really not sure what to do next.

    But I owe you SUCH a debt of gratitude for recommending “All in My Head”. It’s probably one of the best books I’ve ever read.

    I’m so sorry to hear that your preventive isn’t working. I’m thinking of you.

    Take care of yourself.


  3. What an awful experience, Pam. Sometimes I think patients should wear signs around their necks saying:

    “I’m an intelligent person, but I’m in pain. Please understand that I might be a little slow and ’emotional.’ I know that you can’t fix me and that we have to work together. I am willing to do this and hope you are too.”

    But it would probably take too long for them to read.


  4. Well, after my last er visit left my frustrated and mad, I feel the need to vent. Why are we treated as drug seekers? Do they honestly think I WANT to take this stuff? Do they honestly think I enjoy hurting and suffering? Seriously! The first dumb doctor shined a light for so long into my eyes I cried for an hour afterwards. Pretty sure she’ll never do that to another one of us again. The second guy claimed he told someone to give me the injections – yeah – I kept telling him they never happened. Believe me, I know when they happen. Jerks. If my neuro’s office could refill prescriptions while he is out of town I wouldn’t have to go to the er in the first darn place. The whold disease is really frightening and frustrating. Daily preventative medication – Topamax, Relpax as an abortive and Vicodin for when it gets horrible. Hmmmm….Seems like there should be a better solution. Maybe a hole in the head IS the solution.

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