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Losing Sleep Connected to CDH & Migraine

Two-thirds of kids with CDH also have sleep disturbances, reported a study presented at last week’s Annual Conference on Sleep Disorders. Although the study is about kids, the findings seem to be applicable to adults.

Researchers were surprised by their findings. Kenneth Mack, one of the researchers, said: “The number of patients who have headaches and also sleep disturbance surprised us. They also have the same sleep disturbance: a delay in sleep onset.”

Even though people with CDH and migraine are probably not astonished by this news, it’s still significant. Until someone identifies something as a problem, it’s not considered a issue, particularly in medicine. Once a topic is studied and the results are meaningful, some doctors and nurses will start treating those symptoms. Of course, the research has to be replicated to establish the connection, but it still raises awareness of the issue.

It also encourages headache sufferers to consider whether their sleep is disturbed, which, again, is the first step in treatment. Since lack of sleep is a big headache trigger, treating it may reduce the frequency and intensity of one’s headaches.

2 thoughts on “Losing Sleep Connected to CDH & Migraine”

  1. Kerrie,
    This is so interesting! I definitely have a delay in sleep onset. My husband falls asleep mid-conversation and it takes me at least a half an hour to unwind. Seems like most migraineurs I know use some form of sleep medication. I know I do!
    Thanks, Julie

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