Assisted-Suicide Ruling Gives Hope for Treating Chronic Pain

Pain management docs and advocates for treating pain with narcotics when necessary see a glimmer of hope in last week’s Supreme Court decision to uphold Oregon’s assisted-suicide law. This ruling might help defend doctors, pharmacists and patients in jail or awaiting sentences for drug trafficking. An effective defense could advance society’s understanding of using narcotics for pain control.

1 thought on “Assisted-Suicide Ruling Gives Hope for Treating Chronic Pain”

  1. I’ve been suffering with chronic migraines for about a year now. Tried many, many meds. just ended a 5 month stint of Inderal LA 120mg/daily. It made me irrationally angry and really did little if anything to help with my pain. I want to kill myself most days. I have no life because of the pain. My 2nd neurologist in 6 months, the first one said he couldn’t do anything else for me and referred me to another guy, who would rather give me dangerous triptans instead of actual pain meds. Keeps talking about rebound headaches. I found the same to be said of triptans. Can anyone please explain to me why my doctor would rather give me triptans and require periodic EKG’s and risk severe cardiac problems, instead of giving me “no unknown side effects” percocet??? The triptans don’t work anyways. Thanks.

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