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Yoga Provides Relief from Chronic Illness

This won’t be the first time I wax poetic about how great yoga was for me when I felt like my body was broken; but it’s the first time I’ll link to an article where others do the same. I loved how strong and capable my body felt. Similarly, one woman interviewed for the article said that the classes gave her back “a sense of reinhabiting my body.”

Unlike the HIV- and cancer-specific classes described it the article, you probably won’t find a headache clinic that offers yoga classes for patients. Hospitals or health clinics may provide classes for people with wide-ranging illnesses. Even yoga studios who have gentle or restorative classes are likely to provide many of the same benefits. Even if you’re classmates don’t have the same illness or illness at all, there’s benefit to the supportive, non-judgmental environment.

That’s enough of my preaching. Here’s a paragraph from the article to back me up:

“Often [yoga] is something their doctors recommend for the stress-relieving benefits of both exercise and meditation. But many patients find that the sessions, which make them feel more comfortable, also lessen some of their symptoms and the side effects of their medications. And because students exercise alongside others with their same medical problem, the classes also provide emotional support.”

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  1. I LOOOOOOOVE yoga! For me, it’s the best way to relaxation and strengthening. And the deep breathing techniques are a great stress-reliever.

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