The Dark Side & Blog Housekeeping

Please don’t hate me; I’ve crossed over to the dark side. Perhaps I’m being dramatic, but I’ve suppressed my design sensibilities and added ads to the blog. I hope they’ll help cover the costs of keeping The Daily Headache running. I have little input on which ones wind up on the site, so please don’t assume that I endorse the advertised products.

On housekeeping…

I’ve moved sidebar items around. I’ll try extra-super hard to not switch things around on you again, but don’t hold your breath.

I spent most of yesterday fixing broken links in old posts. You shouldn’t notice a difference, but I’ve had to change the links for every Reuters article I’ve referred to. The stories are identical to the original ones, but they are on sites that I don’t know much about. I can vouch for the accuracy of these particular stories, but not of the websites they’re on.

Most of the URLs that you’ve put in the comments weren’t working because the sentence punctuation got mixed up in the URL. It’s a problem with Typepad, but the easy way around it is to put a space between any punctuation that’s by a URL. For example, . instead of (Obviously it works fine here, but not in the comments.)

In August I posted on novels that have helped me escape and promised more would be forthcoming. I also said that the list would remain in the sidebar. I lied. I still read voraciously, but can’t keep up with the reviews and the list. Besides, it was another bit of clutter in the sidebar, so the list is gone.

Update: Thanks to Daniel’s suggestion, I’ve changed the first paragraph a bit to avoid invoking Google’s ire.

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  1. I don’t hate you. It’s all part of blog-life. I’ll get used to the new placement of the links. And the ads… don’t worry about it. We still love you!

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