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Mixed Findings on Caffeine and High Blood Pressue

Non-coffee drinkers who occasionally indulge in a cup of coffee are likely to have their blood pressure increase as their bodies take in the caffeine. People who practically mainline it (like me) or even just drink it regularly may also experience higher blood pressure. If a recent study, published in the May issue of the American Journal of Hypertension, on this phenomenon is supported by further research, it’s possible to conclude that the more frequently someone drinks coffee, the more often his or her blood pressure is elevated.

But, other studies have not found a conclusive link between coffee and high blood pressure. A 12-year long Harvard study of more than 155,000 female nurses, the results of which were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on November 9, shows no connection between coffee consumption and a rise in blood pressure for women. In fact, women who drank the most coffee seemed to develop a protection against the problem. Whether this is true in men is under investigation.

And another but… The findings about coffee intake can’t exactly be generalized to include all caffeine. The Harvard study found a much greater risk of high blood pressure in women who drank caffeinated soda. However, researchers suspect that some other ingredient in soda is the cause for the increase.

I learned about the article in American Journal of Hypertension from James of Relieve Migraine Headache, who posted on it yesterday.

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