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Health PSAs and Ads Harmful?

Many drug ads and health public service messages unintentionally design advertising that is ineffective or harmful, according to a recent study at Indiana University. However, an earlier study contradicts these findings.

(Via Kaiser Network‘s Daily Health Policy Report; Studies Show Mixed Results for Effects of Public Health, Prescription Drug Advertising Messages)

2 thoughts on “Health PSAs and Ads Harmful?”

  1. Hi Joe,

    It’s one of the many things in my “to post sometime” folder. Most of my posts are news-driven and the news I’ve seen about PFO and migraine recently came at a time when I was too busy to post much. I want to make sure I research it thoroughly and explain it well, so it’ll take some time.

    If anyone reading this is interested in learning more about PFO (a minor heart defect) and it’s possible connection to migraine with aura, the site for the MIST trial ( is a great place to start.

    Thanks for bringing up an important topic, Joe.


  2. First off I work for a medical device manufacturer and I am a salesman. More important though I was researching migraines and I do not see anything on your blog about the connection between migraine with aura and Patent Foramen Ovale are you aware of the possible connection? If not you should Google it there is a lot out there.

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