Blogging the Emotions of Illness

This weekend, Tracy of Moogle’s Thoughts blogged about how the candid and perceptive cancer blog Limbodacious has touched her. In four recent posts, Rae of Limbodacious explores her rage and pain, mourns the loss of the life she thought she’d have, addresses the insensitivity of others, and responds to the people who smile and proclaim, “Cancer is the best thing that ever happened to me.”

It is different to have a life-threatening disease than it is to have a headache disorder, but so many of the emotions and frustrations are this same. Tracy’s poignant post describes how Rae’s experiences with cancer resonate with her experience with migraine.

Don’t normally click through to links? Try it this time; it’s special. Besides, how can you not look at a blog with a great name like Limbodacious?

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