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A Kinder Look at Lyrica

E-mail etiquette suggests that if you write an angry e-mail, you should not send it immediately so you have a chance to edit the message when you’ve calmed down. Sometimes I wonder if I should follow this rule for posting things on The Daily Headache.

I wrote last night’s post on Lyrica after two days of level 7 pain and I was surly. Everything I wrote does accurately represent my opinion, but there’s more to it. I’ve been excited about this drug ever since my doc told me about it in April. I even gave Pfizer my e-mail address so they could notify me when it was released.

Lyrica shows promising results in clinical trials for relieving pain and aiding sleep. It could well be the first step toward more effective pain meds.

I’m seeing a new headache specialist in about a month and I can guarantee you that I’ll ask about trying Lyrica as a preventive. Skepticism hasn’t kept from trying countless conventional and alternative therapies and it won’t now. Even if I do grumble about it from time to time.

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