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Generic Imitrex

Imagine getting a triptan without spending a small fortune every time you fill the prescription. The FDA has tentatively approved the manufacture and marketing of a generic version of Imitrex (sumatriptan).

According to the FDA, final approval for any drug is contingent upon the expiration of “market exclusivity” or patent terms or both. The medication also has to continue to comply with the the conditions and information that the FDA has already accepted. So, generic sumatriptan may be available on the market sometime after the patent expires in 2009.

Thanks to Teri Robert for telling me the patent’s expiration date.

3 thoughts on “Generic Imitrex”

  1. Whaddya wanna bet that as soon as Imitrex becomes available generically, my health insurance will no longer cover my prescription for Zomig? “Cover” includes a co-payment of $47.50(!), so it might not be all bad . . .

    Glad to find this blog, by the way!

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