Not Dwelling

My migraine pattern broke yesterday and I’m finally coming out of the hangover headache. In the last five days, I’ve composed many mental posts, mostly grumbling about how much headaches suck. I’ve decided not to share them. Complaining certainly has its place, but I started this blog to encourage headache sufferers and to consider constructive ways to cope and treat the disease. Enough of my days are filled with misery; I don’t want to spend good days thinking about the bad days. We can’t deny how awful we feel sometimes, but we can avoid dwelling on it.

2 thoughts on “Not Dwelling”

  1. I found your page while trying to find someone who had who have a little support. My migraines occur daily and my husband doesn’t even understand. I need someone to talk to about this who has compassion because they deal with it 🙂 Thank you so much 🙂 Carrie

  2. Oh, please feel free to share. I need to know someone can relate to this horrible pain. My migraine is 24/7, left sided—always in the same location behind and over the left eye, radiating to left temple area. I saw your entry on the ACHE site — I didn’t have the energy to register to the site tonight so that I could respond to your entry on the occipital nerve block. Please, please, tell me how it is working. I am so glad your headache “cycle” broke. I wish I understood better the concept of cycles consisting of lapses of time less than several years. I have had a level 8 now for three years (and prior to that a 25 year cycle, consisting of a constant “level 3” vascular headache)— and am now considering the interventional approaches, like nerve blocks and nerve stimulators. I am not in the best shape to put my roller skates on, as i have tons of research to do, because it’s like I, me and myself and my higher power, and angel on my shoulder, are helping me through this.

    Would love to hear from you at my E-address. I can be reached at Love all yo’ fellow travailers, and space-travelers, too!



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