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OTC Painkillers and Heart Attack Risk

Vioxx and Bextra made big news this spring when they were pulled off the market for increasing a patient’s risk for heart attacks. A recent study indicates that OTC painkillers containing ibuprofen and naproxen also raise heart attack risks.

1 thought on “OTC Painkillers and Heart Attack Risk”

  1. Also, if you read the package information on the triptans, they have a slight risk of increasing heart problems, and so are not recommended for patients with heart disease. Unfortunately, they sometimes cause this side effect in otherwise healthy, young patients. Like me. Going to the ER with chest pain at 25 is no fun.

    Also no fun – suddenly I couldn’t take anything from that class of drugs, since any of them could cause a recurrence. OTOH, this incident gave me the push I needed to get pretty much drug-free, which in the long run has been invaluable.

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