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Migranal Spray Redesign

At last week’s American Headache Society conference, Valeant Pharmaceuticals showed a redesigned Migranal spray mechanism. The complicated assembly of the mechanism has been replaced with a vial and a ready-to-use pump. No studies have been done to see if the new delivery system changes how well or how quickly the drug works. At the very least, you’ll have less to fumble with and think about before you get some relief.

2 thoughts on “Migranal Spray Redesign”

  1. Hey Kerrie,
    Have you tried this yet? One of my doctors gave me a sample to try when I get a migraine with a very fast onset. I used the old Migranal before (about a decade ago) and it was difficult to use. This new one looks a lot better. Let me know.
    Thanks, Julie

    I haven’t tried the new design. I last used Migranal about three years ago and didn’t get any relief, so I haven’t tried again.

    If you’re comfortable with using a forum, the Migrainepage forum would be a terrific place to ask about this. It’s a great place to exchange information about experiences with meds. It’s at


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