Begging & Bargaining With the Migraine Gods

Day four of a migraine attack and I’m begging the migraine gods that Ritalin isn’t the trigger. Please let it be that I worked too hard in yoga Friday (never mind that those migraine attacks always last two days), or some invisible weirdness with the weather (since the storm cleared on Sunday). If not those, let it be the amaranth I ate Sunday night or the 1/4 teaspoon of breadcrumbs I had on Monday.

I will work diligently and mind-numbingly slowly on the treadmill to regain my cardiovascular fitness without triggering migraine attacks. I will only go to gentle yoga classes until I do so. I will eat nothing but chicken and rice for the rest of my life. These are the rational trades I will make. If you need irrational, I’ll give up listening to Dave Matthews forever. Seriously. Last week was that amazing.

I’m sad and scared and desperate.

Please, migraine gods, if you have any mercy, don’t let it be the Ritalin. For a week I had my life back. My self back. Don’t obliterate me again.

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