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Weird Migraine Symptoms: Earache, Sensitive Teeth & Eye Irritation

For years I have complained to my primary care providers that I have frequent earaches, but my ears always look perfect. I tell dentists that a few teeth are extremely sensitive to heat, cold and sweets, though the pain is inexplicably intermittent. I often wonder if I have a torn contact because one eye feels like there’s a grain of sand lodged in it. Yet I can never find an identifiable cause for the pain in my ears, teeth or eyes. At least, I couldn’t until my migraines turned from constant to cyclical. Turns out I only have the aforementioned symptoms when I have a migraine. Of course, when I had a migraine all the time, I had these symptoms all the time. Now that the migraines come and go, so do the other pains.

None of these particular complaints show up on the long list of little-known migraine symptoms, though they’ve come up in my conversations with other migraineurs. The majority of the world equates migraine with headache, but there’s so much more going on in this neurological disorder. If I could trade, I’d keep the pain if it meant I could get rid of the fatigue and fuzzy-headedness. (Not that I have any say in how the migraines behave.)

I wonder what other migraine symptoms have yet to be recognized. What are your unusual migraine symptoms? Do any of them bother you more than the pain part of the migraine?

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  1. Just started 3 weeks ago my miagraines have suddenly become more frequent from hardly ever getting them to 5 in a row all with auras. I have had total of 15 miagraine aruas in 3weeks. Most of them i have vomited with. Headaches so bad i screamed out they are so strong. Should i be worried and see my dr bout them. No medication helps either. Never had thdm like this and so frequently.

    1. I always thought my facial pain was trigeminal neuralgia, however the pain is all over my face, eye sockets, ear drum, tongue, down my throat and my teeth. It’s excruciating and lasts a long time (over an hour with migraine meds). I’ve seen dentists, doctors, neurologists, and nobody can tell me what it is. They are episodic and when the pain goes away my teeth are extremely sensitive where I can’t even talk and I’m exhausted. So I’ve self diagnosed as migraines… weird migraines.

      1. That’s what mine have mutated to. The pain is excruciating. The doc has put me on amitriptyline and I’ve only had two in 3 months, down from several per week. I can only get relief by pressing the side of my face into a pillow, and holding pressure on the point between agony and terrible. Twenty minutes pressure and it eases, doesn’t go away completely, but means I can function.

  2. I am just now starting to think what I am dealing with is migraines, I think stress and hormones trigger mine, as well as sinus congestion. I have had tinnitus for over 3 years now. I am always lightheaded and can barely handle motion. This week I had to be in bed a lot, bad headaches for two days. I have hearing loss and nerve damage in my left ear, I have worked on the phone at a desk for 14+ years. I am very sensitive to sound, light and smell. This week I was nauseous as well. Often I feel like I’m in a tunnel with my hearing. I am also dealing with anxiety and am very emotional about everything. I am supposed to see a neurologist sometime soon and have an appointment with ear specialist soon too. Went to chiropractor yesterday, he couldn’t get the left side of my neck to Pop because it was so tight, but my neck is less tight today after seeing him. I wonder about getting hormones tested because I do get more headaches around my period……sigh

  3. hi, this may help it may not,i recently had a root canal done and a couple days back,the tooth pain came back a couple of days later,the next day the pain was unbearable,i called the dentist office at 2-00 pm,i got there answering machine,i thought what,it said we are either at lunch,busy with a customer or closed.i thought lunch at 2,u always answer no matter what,u must be closed.of course it was a friday,i knew i wasnt gona get in i was just wanting some pain i went and got some anbesol.well i got one of my migraines and took a rizatriptan and it blew the anbesol away i couldnt beleive it i thought it was only good for headaches it was like two for one.the dentist has me scheduled for a two week follow up,now im not in pain im thinkn bout doing the 2 week thing,instead of calling him on a monday.

  4. I am 63 and practice law for a living. I have had migraines sine I can remember. I had hoped that as I got older they would subside, but instead they’ve gotten worse th the point I worry I won’t be able to work. Like so many others posting here, I have a wide variety of weird symptoms: cold clammy sweat, reynauds syndrome in my fingers, flu like symptoms and pain in my teeth. I went to my dentist who found nothing wrong. But, luckily, she referred me to doctor who is board certified in surgery and is also a DDS. He did a cat scan and confirmed there was nothing wrong with me teeth- he confirmed it was nerve pain. He told me about patients he had seen who had been to dentists who “chased the pain”by doing root canals on tooth after tooth, with no alleviation of pain. The point of my rambling history to to say to those having migraine/tooth pain – if a dentist can’t find something specifically wrong, DO NOT let him or her do anything! Aimovig, the first CGRP drug has been approved- let’s hope it lives up to the hype.

  5. I have tried every med including botox. The only thing that helps is exercise, daily walk, avoiding your triggers and beta blockers. Every other med causes rebound.

  6. I have suffered with migraines since I was 7 years old. When I went through menopause I thought it would improve. Due to constant grinding of my teeth I needed braces to improve my bite. Every time my teeth were tightened and a month later with my teeth shifting I would have a burst of migraines. Now that my braces are off, any dental work causes migraine. I was informed by my dental hygentist that due to frequent vomiting, I have no enamel left on my teeth. So the jaw being not aligned and the sensitive teeth are definitely triggers for some migrainers.

  7. Hi just putting out some symptoms I get is stabbing pain through my temple through my eye. Also my eyes go blurry and nothing is wrong with them. Or they seem like a dark shade is over them still making it hard to see, seeing spots and that’s just with my migraines

  8. Morning. This site is a revelation and confirmation. I was diagnosed with familial hemiplegic migraine 10 years ago. But the toothache and screaming ear pain had my doctor and dentist fooled. Sinus infections and root canals where the theories. But reading the above describes it perfectly. I get “ear aura,” and tinnitus. Now from this site, it’s obvious the screaming intense pain in my left ear is simply another symptom. And I am in my migraine season, august to December.



  9. Hello everyone, interesting reading your comments. My “migraines” are sporadic. Can be triggered by lack of sleep, wrong foods (keep a food diary), the moon or dehydration. Feel strange beforehand, warning signs like slurred speech, brain fog, muddled words, sinus pain. Then migraine, usually on right side of face is a mixture of a burning ear, sharp pain in side of jaw, pressure on teeth, up the nostril pain, back of eye pain, back of head pain, neck stiffness, back of shoulder bunched up. I take Rhizotriptan early on and it usually helps. If not I’m in bed for a day, with chills, delirium, and often stomach upset. (Could be genetic factors, I am post-menopausal female and two of my older sisters experience the same. We all have IBS, are dairy and gluten intolerant and of ango japanese descent have ALDH2 problem as can’t metabolise alcohol). Sniffing a mix of peppermint, eucalyptus and clove oil helps open uo the sinus cavities and release pressure. A bath with hot flannel over the ear helps. Water in general helps as, batty as it sounds, I believe it somehow helps to neutralise some bad electrics in the brain, some kind of earthing going on. Also, since having frozen shoulder and being taught about pain trigger points, I stand with my back to a wall and lean my shoulder against a tennis ball, rolling it around and pressing gently on the points that seem to be connected with the pain then linger there. For some reason it breaks the pain up and away from the head and face. Never use the tennis ball on the neck area which is dangerous, always keep it rolling around the back and shoulder area. Now started looking at head and shoulder yoga stretches for migraine. When I was in the middle of an extremely painful migraine and felt like going to A&E I used some stretches I saw on on a yoga website and it helped dull the pain enough to bear. Good luck.

  10. Hi found this site trying to get info on why it feels like I have a pea in my nose when I get a migraine. It is heartening to know others have interesting precursors or symptoms coincidal to their migraines…I did find mention of it made in Oliver Sack’s book “Migraines” but no concrete explanation of why it occurs. Dr. Sack’s book provides a fascinating look at migraines in general.

  11. It is reassuring to read some of your posts. I have been so anxious and stressed about my strange head symptoms, have had brain and spine MRIs, brain MRA, CTs of my brain and sinuses, visual evoked potential, facial nerve tests, dental X-rays, been to ophthalmologist and 2 Neurologists! With nothing showing up! I have had to take weeks off work and trying to look after my kids as a single mum is a challenge. I have had eye pain, cloudy vision, sinus pain, occasional headache, top teeth ach and heaviness, head fog, tingling on my head and around face, and dizziness etc for 2 and a half months with some coming and going but vision problems have remained throughout. No history of migraines but it is in the family. Both Nueros have said migraine and I have been on amitryptiline for a month with no real changes just yet but they make me so sleepy. Anyone also experience their first migraine at 40 years of age? Might be hormonal as I have just gone off the pill too after 3 years. I’ve ruled out pretty much everything so the diagnosis is now migraines. Hoping it will just go away in the same way it just came on. It’s been such a hard time in my life.

  12. Sounds awful. Could it be a combination of ailments. For example migraine and benign inner ear syndrome. Hope you feel better soon.

  13. Hey, I get back chills, eyes / sometimes overall face swelling, piercing pain in the ears (both), floating sensation in the head because of which I can’t move my head around, tooth ache like they are about to fall. My head also goes completely numb sometimes (involuntarily falls- sounds funny but can’t find a way to describe it better) . Few doctors witnessed it as well but can’t seem to put a name to it or find its cause, according to them migraine doesn’t cause something like that to happen so it must be stress. I’m a fun person so I don’t understand or buy that logic.
    I’m in India and it’s about 4.30am, haven’t been able to sleep the whole night because of the irritation in my gums and teeth apart from the usual. Therefore, spending time googling why my migraine seems to get worse and worse. Right now it’s been a week, can’t take the stairs or sometimes even walk by myself – need constant support.
    Medication- Hospitalized in jan 2016, post that regular allopathic meds, but since they failed severely resorted to ayurvedic meds and now homeopathic. Fingers crossed. Losing hair by the day!

  14. Glad I came across this board. I have had chronic daily headaches (migraines, now doctor say is migraine/tension headache) for the last year. The last month they have gotten drastically worse. Went to the ER twice. I’ve gotten MRI and CT angio with contrast and all test have came back normal. I have head pressure where it feels like my head is swelling, ear pain, eye pain, nausea and now neck spams to add to the list. I sometimes get these brain zaps sensations. There are so many undocumented symptoms that come with these headaches. I am breastfeeding so no medication although nothing really works. I wish doctors and other people would realize how disabling these headaches are I’m started to have anxiety from constant stress and worry and pain of these headaches. Thank you for having somewhere to vent. I’m only 31 and feel like I’m trapped in my head. I hope we all fiND some relief

    1. Hi Carissa, has a doctor talked to you about Spring TMS or Cefaly? They are both devices to treat migraine and don’t have the systemic effects of medications. I’m not sure about their use in pregnancy, but they could be a non-drug way to manage your migraine attacks. Spring TMS can be used as both an acute treatment and a preventive. Many people who use it acutely develop preventive benefits over time.

      That your breastfeeding could be an important component here. Some people have migraine attacks during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding, but they resolve after they stop breastfeeding. While I know your child’s needs are important here, you may be reassured to know that these symptoms could be short-lived.

      Take care,

  15. Two months ago i feel and hit my head/ temple on a metal bar, i never went to the Dr. Now im getting headaches but just on the side i hit my head. Should i be worried or should i just give it more time to heal?

  16. Reading these comments is very reassuring. My first year of university I experienced complete numbness of the left side of my teeth… Almost as if the Dentist had put that numbing agent injection into my gums. I could and still can to this day pin-point exactly where the numbness starts and ends in my mouth. There was this one day when I was at work (before I figured out what this all really was), there was an office birthday and we have cupcakes. Just as I took my first bite of the most delicious chocolate cupcake, my teeth gave me a pain like no other. It was the most extreme tooth sensitivity I have ever experienced in my life. Other the past four years, that numbness has continued to numb my entire left side. Strokes, heart attacks, pinched nerves, birth control, caffeine intake, has all been ruled out. After seeing dentists and doctors, a neurologist diagnosed this as a migraine with aura. There has been no history of migraines in my family.. It’s the craziest thing. I’m not triggered by food, sometimes by the weather in low-pressure systems. To anyone who experiences any of these similar things, don’t worry – you’re not going crazy!!

  17. I have thought that I have had sinus pressure this entire time due to the pressure behind my eye and in my ear, but after reading all these posts I am starting to think it’s actually a really bad migraine. I’ve been to my PCP for sinus pain and she said I didn’t have an infection and said it was probably allergies. I have been doing the allergy regimen with no relief and she gave me Tylenol with codeine, which I may as well not even take for all of the good it does.

    I get the headaches about every 7-10 days. When they start, it’s usually about 7-8 pm (I work 3-11 pm, so that’s really like the middle of the day for me.) It’s only my right side – extreme pain behind my eye and in the ear. It feels like a tiny person is trying to drill its way out of my head. My hearing is reduced and I can’t focus on anything. When I look at words on a page, they barely make any sense to me. I have been taking some leftover norco for the pain because that’s the only thing that relieves it at this point – which I know is not ideal to take but with this pain, I will literally do anything to get it to stop. I am seeing a neurologist this week and I am hoping for some answers. It’s beginning to affect my life and my relationship negatively.

    I don’t know why I didn’t think that it was a migraine sooner – both my parents and my sister get them.

  18. I would also like to add to my above comment that I have started to notice numbness in my arms while I am sleeping. This wakes me up (very scary not being able to move) and then comes the migraine. I do not understand why I wake up, usually in the early am with migraines. Does anyone have this happen to them? Thanks, Deb

  19. Nkuli, I had a migraine similar to what you described a few years ago. I felt like my head had been split down the middle, I was in severe pain and I could not figure out how to put my shoes on ( this was the worst migraine I have ever had). I only had powdered aspirin to take. I should have gone to the ER but needless to say I didn’t. I now wonder if I may have had a stroke at the time. I have never experienced this horrible pain since, but I do have seizures when I have a above normal (pain wise) migraine. The last time I had a seizure was in June, 2013. I still have migraines and have to go into a dark, quiet room. I still take fioricet with codeine, but only as needed. Please go to your doctor with your symptoms, which sound very serious to me. Do not !!!! worry about being a hypocondriact your life is more important. I am now 60 years old and take hormones and have been taking them for several years. I don’t think the hormones cause my migraines (speaking for myself only). My mom had migraines until she was in her late 40’s. I believe mine are in my DNA! I wish you God speed and relief.

  20. I see these posts date a few years back. I am suffering migraines for a full week now. I can’t imagine this going on any longer, because they feel sooooo bad, I don’t think my body can take that much pain for soooo long. I definitely experience ear ache, eye pain, heat on the affected side of my face & light sensitivity. I am on antibiotics for my sinuses as I think it’s the main cause. However, this morning, the migraine, with all the above-mentioned symptoms, was accompanied by a pulling of my face towards the right- like when someone has had a stroke..? Now I am confused and don’t know what to tell my Neurologist, because I am starting to feel like a hypochondriac..😨 But perhaps it’s important to highlight all the symptoms to ensure that u mention everything in order for the Physician to diagnose properly & prescribe correctly? Also had cervical spine surgery due to pinched nerves 3 years ago, so maybe it’s all connected?

    1. Nkuil, yes, it’s very important to tell your doctor all your symptoms so you can get an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Stroke-like symptoms should not be ignored–please contact your doctor immediately. It could be migraine, but it could be something else that requires immediate treatment.

      Take care,

  21. I just found this forum after searching for a way to alleviate my upper jaw/tooth pain. My Relpax has lessened the headache symptoms but the neck pain won’t go away and this tooth pain is something that has only happened a few times in the past year with certain bad migraines. It’s driving me crazy.

    I have had headaches since I was a young child. I’m not sure if they were migraines because I didn’t really pay attention to the symptoms until I was a teenager. I started getting migraines with many of the same symptoms I have now starting with puberty. Like many on here, I was misdiagnosed. A pediatric neurologist said that I had tension headaches (one of my consistent symptoms is severe neck and shoulder pain) and then said he thought I was depressed and referred me to a psychologist. I wasn’t formally diagnosed with migraines and given proper treatment until I was in my early 20s. I’ve used Imitrex but had more success with Relpax lately, but I’ve noticed that they are not as effective as they once were (I now have to take at least two pills per migraine and sometimes more than that because the pain will go away and recur 24 hours later).

    I wanted to share with the women on here that I’ve had success with Seasonique (or the generic version) birth control. Birth control pills were huge triggers but I get menstrual migraines frequently when not on the pill also. This birth control has a 90 day cycle with only 4 periods per year and there are low-dose hormones in the pills you take during the menstruation week rather than just placebos because the sudden drop in hormones is the trigger for many women according to my doctor. I do get a migraine predictably each time, but 4 times per year is better than 12 guaranteed migraines when I have other triggers as well. I am sensitive to changes in barometric pressure and unfortunately live in South Florida, where a thunderstorm can be expected almost daily in the summer.

    As far as strange symptoms there were two that I hadn’t noticed anyone mentioning.

    One thing that happens to me is I cannot stand to have anything touch my neck. It is very sensitive and wearing a shirt with a collar is enough to make me feel like I want to vomit. For some reason the touch sensitivity in that area is usually related to my nausea.

    Secondly, I’ve started to notice that part of my prodrome is sinus congestion that is unrelated to anything else. I will wake in the morning and one side of my sinuses will be blocked. Then within 24 hours I will get migraine symptoms and the pain will appear on the side that was blocked earlier. The migraine I’m currently having started out this way and the tooth and jaw pain I have is also on the same side. My migraines are not predictable to either side and can even switch sides during migraine (usually from sleep – I will fall asleep on the side of the pain because the pressure usually feels good and wake up and the pain will have migrated to the other side of my head, including the neck stiffness/pain).

    A final thing I wanted to mention that I didn’t see listed is that my sound sensitivity feels linked to nausea and my light sensitivity linked to pain. So for example a flash of light can cause a tidal wave of pain to go through my head, but sounds cause waves of nausea. I was once driving home with a migraine and a car pulled up next to me with a really loud stereo system and the bass pulsing caused me to throw up.

    Wow, I wrote a lot. I guess it feels good to share with people who might understand what this is like. Wondering if anyone else has had those same kinds of symptoms also, especially the link between the sinuses and prodrome because I’ve never seen that listed anywhere.

  22. I am at my wits end. I thought my menstrual related migraines would subside with menopause but no such luck. I have seen neurologist/migraine specialists over the years,and taken many preventative and acute medications but nothing works for a long time. I now use imitrix somewhat successfully but I dislike the side effects.
    I am also noticing more prodromal symptoms like depression, feeling ‘fuzzy headed’ and being emotionally flat, bloating and fatigue, and teeth pain. Then I get an aura, and lately I’ve had an aura two days in a row followed by the pain. I also notice some postdromal symptoms (I think) like extreme weakness, depression, feeling flat and isolated. I hate it.
    I’m wondering if these pre and post symptoms are experienced by others. (I have treatment for depression in general which works so this mood state is obviously migraine connected.)
    I’m also wondering if anyone has had success with the cephaly, which I’m about to put out the $300 for since I’m desperate.
    Thanks in advance for any response or input.

  23. Whenever I get migraine; I feel painful toothache at one side of my teeth.l feel as if half of my face is tearing off and eyes plucking out.How is this treated and prevented?

  24. I have the aura to a migraine about once every 3 or 4 years since I was about 25. If I look in a mirror I can not see half of my face, read etc. Then I get a little photophobia. Lasts 30-60 minutes. I have never had a headache but today I felt a dull ache behind my eye and my teeth hurt on the same side of my face a few hours later. just an FYI.

  25. I have not been diagnosed with any thing yet. For about 2 weeks now I have had a headache, ear ace ,teeth and gum pain. I went to the dentist first he did x rays noting wrong with my teeth, yet I have lots of tooth and gum pain on my right side. If I hold water in my mouth then the pain goes away in my mouth. Its more intense at times. I went to my Doctor and she thought I had sinus infection took antibiotic for 10 days. Waiting for an appointment with a neurologist. Can a migraine go on for two weeks.

    1. Linda, it’s possible for a migraine attack to last for two weeks. But it’s unusual that your first migraine attack would last that long (not unheard of, but uncommon). I recommend seeing the doctor who prescribed the antibiotics again while you’re waiting to see a neurologist. Since the antibiotics didn’t work, your doctor may have other ideas for what to try in the interim.

      Take care,

  26. I did receive one medication on one ER visit that worked fantastically! Toridol (I’m not sure on the spelling) but it worked awesomely.

  27. I can’t recall when I had my first migraine, but I do know I was in my early teens or possibly pre-teen. I was not diagnosed until years later when I was in my mid 20’s. I took immitrex for a while which worked and slowly stopped working. I did have another medication, I cannot remember the name of it, that didn’t work at all for me. I currently do not have anything that I can take that will fully get rid of my migraines however I do have a couple of things I do to make it less devastating, but they are all hit or miss. Caffeine, hiding in a dark room with a pillow on my head… That’s about all I can muster when it hits. Some say grape juice is supposed to help but I just ended up vomiting it up, perhaps if I would have tried it earlier onset. I am getting my symptoms down now though, they have changed ever so slightly throughout the years. I see auras or halos around lights and get very light sensitive, yawn excessively, pre full onset I’m nauseous and hungry and full onset I’m nauseous and not hungry (could possibly be a result of the vomiting that has occurred on full onset), most of the time (after the auras and yawning) the pain starts on the right side of my head in a small spot to start and gradually gets stronger covering the entire right side of my head causing a humm or ring in my right ear sometimes and making my right eye hurt (every time!) I have notice the frequency has decreased as my stress level has and when my stress level was higher I had one that brought me to tears and blurred my vision massively. So I’m glad I haven’t had one that bad since then but I’m hoping my new PCP has some good ideas to curtail them. It’s good to know I’m not alone and I wish you all a painless future and thank those who gave suggestions for relief.

  28. I was diagnosed with chronic migraines 14yrs ago and in October of 2015 they suddenly got worse. I have a migraine every day. I have tried imitrex from my PCP. When that did not work and I was about to cry from the pain and dizziness my roommate called EMTs. The er gave me dilotted and ativan and still nothing happened. Two weeks later after an increase in imitrex I found myself back at the er with ear pain in both ears,migraine,neck pain and still dizzy. I was given a higher dose of dilotted and still no relief. It is now February and I have seen a neurologist and he put me on topamax and a 5 day course of prednisone. I got 1 day of relief since I saw him last month. Last week he put me on rizatriptan…….no relief what so ever. I am so frustrated and I am beginning to lose hope. The other night I fell asleep on a bag of frozen peas because it just made the migraine a little better tried it the next night and I could not take the pain of being on the towel I had them wrapped in. I don’t know how to rate a migraine but the pain is a 10 and my ears hurt terribly.

  29. I’m so glad I found this site as I feel so alone & scared. I had my 1st migraine last year, I was walking back to my car when all of a sudden my vision went funny & I couldn’t focus. I was so scared I thought I was going to die! When I got to my car I splashed water ove my eyes & just sat there for 5 min, when I got home I laid on the sofa & after about 30min got the worst headache ever!! I’ve recently had 2 more, one last month & another yesterday. I feel totally drained, my head aches & my eyes feel gritty & like these pressure there. I think I also have sinuses as can feel pressure around my eyebrow bone & top of my inner nose. If I think back now a couple of days ago my head didn’t feel right (numbness on one side) & my hearing was a bit strange (like blocked in one ear) sorry not very good at explaining!!! I’m just wondering if this could be linked to the fact that I suffer with upper back pain (due to posture) If I stand sideways I can actually see a big lump just at the bottom of my neck. When I’ve had a massage in the past I’ve been told that I have a lot of tension accumulated around that area. Has anyone else experienced this? Also could it be hormonal? I just turned 40 in July

  30. I have 2-4 days of migraine pain every 14 days. They alternate from the right side ear pain to the left side teeth pain. I am unable to take anything with aspirin or ibuprofen type medications due to a bleeding issue so Tylenol is my only treatment. I have learned to deal with the pain and hope when my cycles end the migraines will too. I know hormones are my trigger and pray when they even out so will the migraines. I did not have migraines while pregnant so maybe one day soon I will be done with this.

  31. My Dr said I have Barometric Pressure Migraines. In the last year when it starts to rain (even up to 2 days before) I start getting nausea and my head hurts. Light bothers me and I start having really bad indigestion and or diarrhea and my left shoulder starts spasm of pain so bad I can barely move my arm at times. I need to go see my Dr soon but wondering if I should really bother my neurologist with the new symptoms because my primary Dr kinda just blew me off when I told him.

  32. I have suffered from migraines for the past 30 years, (I’m 48 now) usually tied in with my monthly cycle or ovulation. I used to call them my number 3 headaches because they sat like a number three around my face, over my forehead, along my cheek and along my bottom jaw bone. They also lasted for 3 days too.
    I have just had my worst migraine attack ever, 21 days worth. I took Imigran and yes it relieved the symptoms but unlike usual times they just kept coming back. I was worried that i’d taken too many (1 or 2 per day) so yesterday i went without and suffered:
    My symptoms during this 21 day attack have included:
    Blind spot and Aura (although this is not a regular occurrence)
    My eyes feel like they are being pulled or dragged
    Sensitivity to light and noise
    Tinitus (high pitched plus really low humming)
    head feels like its in a vice
    top row of my teeth on one side in excruciating pulsing pain and this can radiate down to my lower jaw too.
    body aches and pains
    sweating and feeling incredibly hot from the inside (like i was on fire inside)
    and last night before bed i had weird goose bump feeling on my scalp like the skin on my scalp was tightening.
    At 2 am i woke up completely pain free, i laid there for 2 hours almost smiling to myself because i felt like i was laying in cotton wool.

    Having got up and come to work my head and my face just feels tender and delicate and I’m hoping its gone now for a few weeks.

    Anyone who thinks migraine is ‘just a headache’ how very very wrong they are. Some days this is crippling!

    I came on this site to check to see if other peoples symptoms were anything like mine and I was surprised to see so many symptoms matched my own.

    Thanks for sharing everyone 🙂

    1. Linda, you’re definitely not alone in your symptoms. I’m sorry you had to bear a 21-day migraine attack. Best wishes for continued relief.

      Take care,

  33. I have all the symptoms that you mention in this rather dated blog post. Found it today. I had a aura (I call it a “migraine flicker”) in my eye about an hour ago, now I have extreme tooth pain on my lower jaw and that is the side the headache is on. Tooth sensitivity as well. I’ve had this before. Certainly cannot say it’s any fun. Thank you for your blog. It helps to know that you are not alone and there is support out there.

    1. Robin, thanks for sharing your experience. I’m sorry you have to deal with this, but you’re definitely not alone! I hope it passes quickly.

      Take care,

  34. I have had migraines since age 16 and am now age 60. My prodromal symptoms are many, including hypersensitivity to color, hunger, water retention, brain fuzziness, fatigue and depression.
    I’ve noticed severe teeth and gum sensitivity for the last year, and am now thinking it is part of the migraine. I can have teeth pain with or without headache and there’s nothing wrong with my teeth.
    I take imitrix for migraine after years of taking other meds for them. It helps but I don’t like the side effects and rebound. I am allergic to most of the preventive meds. I have decided to try the cephaly which was fda approved one year ago. It is a tens unit that works on the trigeminal nerve. Has anyone tried this and found it successful?

  35. I have symptoms during a migraine that I don’t even like to tell people about, because I think they’ll think I’m nuts! It starts off as a “fuzzy-head” and pain in one eye…depending on which side of my head the migraine is on…usually the right side, but sometimes the left. Then it’s intense headache pain with nausea and, of all things, hunger pangs. I’m so hungry no matter how much I eat! During the time that the migraine is subsiding, I am developing swollen gums…but only on the side that the headache is on. It’s ridiculous. It’s intermittent, and as a woman, I believe it is associated with my cycle and hormones. I just hope that it doesn’t go from being intermittent to every month.

    1. Chris, you’re definitely not alone in your symptoms! If you do track that they worsen at different times of the month, do let your doctor know. There are some good treatments for menstrually associated migraine.

      Take care,

  36. Has anybody experienced numbness, pins and needles, or like your left or right arm wants to fall asleep? It can happen simultaneously or one or the other. Migraine FAQs: Can migraines cause numbness, tingling, or weakness?
    Migraine symptoms are not always confined to the head. Sometimes there are other parts of the body that are affected by migraines. As changes occur in the brain, different sensations may be felt throughout the body. A common complaint is a feeling of numbness, tingling or weakness in a small or large area of the body. These symptoms are sometimes associated with sensory aura.

    Migraine sufferers may experience:

    Numb fingers
    Numb face
    Arm numbness
    Head numbness
    Numbness in the lips, tongue or legs
    Weakness in limbs
    Numbness on one side of the body

    These sensations of numbness, sometimes called sensory aura, can occur before, during or after the migraine pain begins. Most often the sensations occur on the same side of the body as the pain in the head.
    Occasionally, the numbness is so severe the migraine sufferer feels they can’t move that part of the body. This weakness or feeling of paralysis is temporary. The weak or tingling skin sensation may be in only one specific part of the body, such as feeling weak or numb in only one finger, part of a finger or a small portion of the face.

    1. Marco, yes, those can definitely be migraine symptoms. If you haven’t talked to your doctor about them, please do. It could inform which treatments are most effective for you.

      Take care,

  37. Hello,
    I came across this site trying to find answers to almost a year long neurological nightmare. Last July I started to have what I thought was a sinus headache, delayed antibotics for a while because of yeast issues I always get. fast forward, after 3 rounds of antibotics, flonase, sinus rinses 2 CT scans and a MRI of the brain they ruled out infection, tumors etc. I have been to 2 neurologsits in SLC, tried Imitrex, noritriptlyine, and just got off of 8 weeks of gabapentin…my main symptom was a headache but has no evolved into left ear hyperacusis, spasms with sound, tight neck and head muscles, face pain off and on, sensitivity in spots on my head..very sensitive to the touch around my ears and temples on both sides. my story is so long to even begin to tell but in the short my ENT has referred me to an neurotologist at the U of U the end of May hoping he can help me figure this out….sometimes I wonder if its from anxiety, clenching my teeth….after all I ahve been though my anxiety is through the roof..they just recently gave me prednisone to try for 3 days to possible temporal artrits but after one day I was so wired a my whole body hurt i stopped an called the Dr. she said if it was the temproal thing it would have helped not hurt. …I get a non painful pulsting in my head when looking at my phone or computer too long…that had stopped with the gabapentin but I felt the hyperacusis was getting worse so I weaned off of it with my GP authorization….anyway…any ideas? or suggestions. I have tried them all …klonipin 1/2 of a .05mg is the only thing that will help the tinnitus /hyperacusis and pulsations…Thanks in advance!!


    1. Hi Jackie, I’m glad you’ve seen a neurologist. I think that’s the best next step for you. Your symptoms sound very much like migraine, but only a doctor can diagnose you. One study found that 90% of what people thought were sinus headaches were actually migraine. If that’s the case, then migraine treatment will help your other symptoms, including tinnitus and hyperacusis (usually called phonophobia when talking about migraine). Best of luck finding relief.

      Take care,

  38. I’ve been a migraine sufferer since I was a child. I’m in my early 30’s and my sinuses seem to get worse every year and I have constant tinnitus, bad news because I’m a musician. One thing that doctors need to look into more, hear me out, is psychedelic mushrooms. Studies found that they decrease blood flow to the frontal lobe, where many people including me get their headaches. Several times I have taken them at the onset of a migraine and the pain melted away. Given I ate so much that I still could not go into the world, I say it’s better than taking drugs with horrible side affect. Maybe a low dose regiment a few times a week could help, it also helps with depression, as studies are finding that many people who suffer from depression have an over active frontal lobe.

    1. P, I’m glad you’ve found some relief. This has been an area of research for cluster headache, but not so much migraine. If the research does advance for cluster headache, I can see trickle down investigations for migraine treatment.

      Take care,

  39. I have had a headache/migraine now for the last three weeks and I have had very sores eyes, my forehead has been sore, I have had weakness in the my right arm and tingling in my right hand and fingers and some nights I have woken up cause my right leg has been twitching which is a new thing for me. the pain that I get in my forehead can be quiet sharp and differently throbbing. the left side of my head in front has been quiet sore to.
    Thank You

    1. Tracy, please see a doctor as soon as possible. Changes to your migraine symptoms or a migraine that lasts much longer than usual are both reasons to see a doctor. You may have another underlying issue or not, but at the least, you can get the migraine treated and have better treatment in place for the future.

      Take care,

  40. Hi, I’m 16 years old and was actually only diagnosed with having migraines about a week ago. I have had headaches everyday for about 3 years, and they have been bad but livable. I finally went to the doctor for it and he perceived me with propranalol (spelling?) And it worked about the first three days but then stopped. The post two days I have had an awful migraine that actually disrupted my daily schedule. The normal migraines that I get I can still focus through in school and attend swim practice, but yesterday and especially today was miserable. I was worried today when my tooth (that has a filling) began to ache so bad and my hypochondriac-ness kicked in and I was worried my headache was actually being caused by a toothache however I didn’t remember having the toothache and sensitivity yesterday. I’m glad I found this website because honestly the idea of a root canal scares me a lot, and although I may still get it checked out I now know that it is not definate. No meds seem to help, either. Thank you for sharing your stories. Are there any home remedies that help those of you who medication does not work for either? Thanks in advance. -Erryn S.

    1. Hi Erryn, I’m sorry you have migraine. It’s good you have a diagnosis, though, because there are some medications that can be really helpful for migraine. I’d talk to your doctor about the propranolol dose. You may just need a higher dose. Propranolol is a preventive medication, but there are also acute medications (sometimes called abortives) that can be effective. Talk to your doctor about triptans–they can be miracle drugs for some people with migraine. Here’s some information about them: There are also other abortives, like Midrin and Migranal, that might work for you.

      Symptoms can change from one migraine to the next, so it’s not too unusual to have tooth pain one day and not another. If the tooth sensitivity comes and goes, it’s very likely migraine, but it’s good to talk to your dentist about it. If nothing else, they might be able to give you a topical treatment that could help a little bit.

      There aren’t a ton of home remedies for migraine. Some people like ice and others like heat. Peppermint essential oil rubbed on your temples can help, too. Be sure to dilute it in another kind of oil and keep it away from your eyes or it will burn. You can peppermint oil formulations. Aveda makes one, so does Bath and Body Works. There’s also a product called Migrastick that works. I haven’t tried putting any of them on my face near the tooth pain. If you do, please let us know if it helps.

      I wish you all the best in getting your migraines sorted out. There are many treatment options available.

      Take care,

  41. Hey I know this post is super old, but I thought…share my symtoms…..why not?

    I can remember having bad miagraines in kindergarten and 1st grade. I have common symptoms like light sound sensitivity. Left side of my body going numb. Losing my vision in one eye…During a Miagraine my vision was tested by the nurse and it was 20-60 vs the 20-20 usual.
    I also have some auditory/ear symtoms…..during a miagraine my hearing will slowly fade out and a beep/pulse will slowly fade in like those high pitch watch alarms…then it could be seconds to hours before I regain hearing in that ear….I also hear my heartbeat pulsating and beating like a loud drum throughout my ear canal and brain…it gets so bad that I cringe with each one…I sometimes will be reading and I recognize an oncoming miagraine by what I can only describe as like temporary dyslexia, I read words that aren’t on the page and the letters get switched around in my head and it becomes impossible to read an entire sentence of text..does anyone else have these symptoms..are they common, I feel a little ignorant on the subject but I’m sure you fellow sufferers would know.

  42. Im 25 and through out highschool into my early 20s I had dealt with migraines, I took so much medicine and cried, until I would nash my teeth .I got depressed and lost my job , and tried to kill myself .Then my father told me to try out his chiropractor, he said his chiro was different for your reg chiros. I found out my dad dealt with migraines as a kid also until then, which he was 40 at the time. I doubted this chiro, i didnt believe anything he said, but i was willing to trt anything to make the stop, after a month, they stopped, i wasnt depressed anymore, no more medicine was going down this throat! He gave me two long circular pillows to sleep on, the small one under my neck the medium size under my tail bone, took time to get use to. The chiro told me, people come in to get adjustments but go right back into there cars and their lives and ruining what they just paid for, this way your keeping form even as you sleep, and you can use it in your car, take them anywhere with you. I got my boyfriend into it, my whole family loves the chiro. It all starts with our spine, some doctors pull on new born babies heads as they come out, we are messed up as we are coming into this world. I dont know if that will help anyone.

  43. I am a 45 year old woman and have been suffering migraine attacks for about 20 years now. My mother suffered really badly aswell when she was younger but since she has been through menopause they have stopped totally. I hope this will be the case with me. My headaches have recently got worse. I have visual aura which starts as zig zags and blind spots and is worse in one eye and this can last up to 30 minutes. I also sometimes smell burning before the visual aura and have woken up in the night thinking there is burning in the house. I also hear noises like loud bangs or shouts in my head (beleive freaks you out at night!) All this is usually followed by a painful headache followed by a ‘fuzzy’ cotton wool head and tiredness. My doctor prescribed triptans which only work if you take them early enough so its down to normal over the counter painkillers. Nobody experiences exactly the same symptoms but I hope the description of mine will go someway to helping someone understand theirs a little more.

    1. Kirstie, thanks for sharing your experience. I’m so sorry your migraines have gotten worse. Recent research has found that migraines tend to increase in early menopause, but generally taper off as menopause resolves. I hope you experience a similar pattern to your mother.

      I’m not sure what the sequence and timing of your attacks is like, but some people find that taking a triptan as soon as a visual aura begins can stop their migraine attacks. Others find triptans to be more effective if they wait until the pain has started, but is only mild. Also, taking naproxen along with a triptan can make both more effective. Maybe you already know all this, but I wanted to share in case there was any information that might help you.

      Best of luck in finding relief.

      Take care,

  44. I am 59 yrs. old and have suffered with migraines since I was in my early 20’s. I have had most of these symptoms. When I was 24 yrs old, I was in a car crash. I hit a small pine tree and did not have a seat belt on (this was before they were enforced) and my head hit the windshield. My nose was fractured and I had my lung was collapsed. I believe this was the beginning of my migraines and sinus problems ( I have a deviated septum from this crash, there are times when I cannot get my breath, even after 35 years. My migraines are so severe that at times they last for 3 to 4 days. I have to stay in bed with no lights and complete quietness. I also get very nauseated to the point I throw up bile. I take fioricet w/ codeine. This is the only medicine I have taken because I am afraid to take stronger meds for fear of being addicted. Last June, 2013, I had a migraine so severe that I had a seizure which broke my rotator cuff causing me to have 2 surgeries to replace my rotator cuff. Now I am in pain daily from this as well as migraines. I also have arthritis in my fingers. I still only take the one pain medicine daily. My doctor only gives me 60 pills for a 30 day supply. I honestly live in pain everyday. I have tried the preventative meds for migraines, but, they do not last. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am a very healthy eater and not a drinker. Should I ask my doctor for more than 60 pills per month? I think that with all the pain I am in taking 3 per day would give me more relief and a better quality of life, even though I will never be pain free.

    1. Debra, I’m sorry you’re in so much pain. It sounds like you’ve been through the ringer. Fioricet with codeine has the same problems as what you refer to as strong painkillers — both in terms of physical dependence and developing rebound headaches (also called medication overuse headaches). Codeine is an opioid, which is the type of painkiller that is problematic for addiction and rebound headaches. Fioricet also have butalbital and caffeine, both of which can cause rebound headaches. If you take more than eight a month, the medication could be contributing to the severity of your migraines. Opioids (narcotics) are rarely the best option for migraine and there are better medications available, as long as you don’t have other medical issues that preclude their use.

      Have you tried triptans? They are migraine-specific abortive medications that work wonders for many people. While they can have the same rebound effect (the recommendation is to take no more than 10 a month), dependence and addiction aren’t an issue. There are seven different triptans and it can take trial and error to find the right one for you, but when they work, they feel miraculous. Another option might be the generic form of Midrin, which includes acetaminophen, a sedative, and a vasoconstrictor.

      I’m also wondering if you’ve tried migraine preventive medications. There are many to choose from and can drastically reduce the number of migraines a person has and/or reduce the severity of migraine attacks. Here’s some information on the preventives that have the strongest medical evidence:

      Best of luck in finding relief. Please let me know if I can answer any other questions.

      Take care,

  45. I am so glad I found this thread. I’ve been having migraines ever since I was a teenager. Back then I used to think it was food poisoning or some kind of 24 hour bug, but I kept getting them. I finally went to the doctor & was diagnosed in my 20s with classic migraine. When they attack, I mostly wake up with them & I have pain in my left eye, behind my eye, the left teeth, left part of face & the left side feels droopy. I’ll get very nauseas & will vomit anything I eat. I get dizzy (almost vertigo like) & walking or physical activity makes it worse. Just a few months ago I started getting other symptoms (left ear pain & pain in the back of my neck on the left side). I read that new symptoms can occur if you’ve had migraines long enough. Now I am getting these new symptoms with every one of my migraines. It really makes me scared of what other symptoms I’ll get if I can’t get rid of them.

    1. Elizabeth, if you haven’t seen your doctor since your symptoms changed, please do. It’s always good to check in with a change and see if other treatment options would be more effective for you. Migraines do tend to change over time, but this happens no matter how frequently a person has migraine attacks. Also, it’s not necessarily that new symptoms get added on top of all your other symptoms, but that some of your old symptoms could go away. I hope that’s some reassurance for you.

      Take care,

  46. I suffer from migraines also so I went in for an mri which determined I have chiari 1 malformation also so get checked some people have it and don’t even know

  47. Hello,

    I saw this post in Google. I have extreme ear pain like Swimmer’s Ear…yet whenever a doctor looks in my ear, they say its “fine or ok.” If extremely frustrating because I’m NOT making my pain up. I say I can predict weather change better than our local meteorologist, lol…only because I sense barometric pressure in my head & ears. I truly sucks!!! I’d rather be as everyone else & not be affected by weather. I’ve also experienced the sharp pains in my teeth. Although I’ve only had one root canal…the pain I feel is very very similar. When I see my dentist, he tells me my teeth are normal & ok. Then why do I have the teeth pain or severe ear pain??? I’m so glad to know others have shared the same symptoms. Seriously…personally I started to feel crazy like no one would listen or believe me. I just switched to different meds AGAIN. My frequency & severity has stopped BUT, when its bad weather or other triggers… I still have the extreme ear pain or tooth sensitivity. Pretty much migraine suffers are screwed either way. Either you suffer from full blown migraines or prevent he migraines & the crazy onset symptoms stop you in your tracks!!! Idk what I’d rather deal with. I’m just tired of people thinking what I feel is not real or when told I’m fine…its in my head. Well, no duh!!! Thank you for sharing. I appreciate it because I can relate…unfortunately

    1. Chandra, I’m so sorry you can relate! If you haven’t talked to the doctor who treats your migraines about this pain, please mention it. The treatment is typically to reduce the migraine frequency, which you’ve clearly done, but there might be some other options for you.

      Take care,

  48. Well I have had migraines since I was a teenager. They have gone from the regular pain above the eye, to also sometimes include the weird vision and numbness. Some times they happen separately, sometimes all with the same headache over a weeks time. But my weirdest symptoms, has happened in three different migraine or what I am assuming is a migraine, I have had the head ache pain in my shoulder once, my left thigh, and here this week, I swear in my left ovary area. I know, sounds too weird, but I had these really bad pains, just like a headache in these areas, at separate times, along with not being able to function that day, being exhausted, no OTC pain med would make pain stop, and then the next day, that pain would disappear and I would get the pain in my head where it is supposed to be. I tend to hurt in different places for other stuff, so my husband always says I am wired wrong. Oh, but I have teeth problems on this same side, that after root canals, fillings, caps, still have pain in those teeth. Had no idea until reading this site, it could be related.

    1. Season, if the numbness is a new symptom, please see a doctor to get an accurate diagnosis. Migraines can cause pain in the stomach and neck and some people have body aches, but the pain you describe is highly unusual. It could be migraine, I just don’t know. A doctor can help you get the right diagnosis and most effective medications. Best of luck in finding relief.

      Take care,

  49. I have had migraines on and off for 48 years. I get the visual aura of sparkling lights and one side of my nose feels very congested. If I can take Maxalt as soon as that starts, it will often abort the headache, and if not, it makes it more bearable. I get extremely nauseated, and if I don’t take my medication quickly enough, begin vomiting constantly to the point that I will lose consciousness – A vasovagal reaction. My doctor has prescribed Phenergan suppositories to take if the nausea/vomiting begin to try to avoid passing out. I have had teeth pain frequently, and hadn’t connected it to migraine until I read these posts – I also have Ehlers-Danlos, so I am hyper flexible, and thought that was the problem, but two days ago, my teeth were hurting, and yesterday the migraine hit. I find that a heating pad on my neck, shoulders and the back of my head seems to help, and one of the strangest things is if I take Maxalt with a Dr. Pepper, the pain eases so much faster. Dr. Pepper seems to be the only soft drink that has that affect – Just what the Dr. ordered, as they say! Hope these hints will help someone else!

  50. I always read over these migraine sites but never read where anyone has been treated successfully and get rid of migraines. I have all of the symptoms above all day every day. I used to only get get them 3 days every month but fir the past 4 years, the are constant. Has anyone been treated successfully?

    1. Linda, the vast majority of people with migraine find successful treatment. Here are evidence-based suggestions for which preventive medications to try: Please see a doctor if you haven’t already, preferably someone knowledgeable in migraine and headache disorders. Chronic migraine is not something to treat on one’s own, especially because over-the-counter medications can make actually make the migraines worse.

      Take care,

  51. The “bottom line” on Chronic Migraine Disease, is to fully research both the triggers and the causes – you will find that there are so very many. If you try to live your life avoiding ALL of them, you will have no substantial life at all. Therefore, find the ones that tend to apply to you, and “work around them” if you possibly can. I watched my mother totally “give in” to the migraine disease and it was such a waste really. But she was not as strong-willed as I, who decided that I was going to “live my life” despite it. It has not been easy. You have to fight twice and sometimes three times harder than those who do not have it, just in order to keep up with everyone else, but if you can build up a “pain tolerance level” and be flexible in your lifestyle, it is possible. Granted there will be “days from hell”, but even that too, you can and will come back from. There’s the “pain” attacks and the “no pain” ones. So much variety in types of attacks, as CMD is both neurological and vascular in its source. It hit me at age 12 and I am now 64. It is loyal! It is tiring! It is not well understood! So, after 52 years of its wide and all-encompassing variety of attacks, I have a Newfoundland Service Dog who is my constant companion, along with my 4 cats (3 Tabby-Point Siamese and 1 black Burmese), who are my “therapy clinic”. Animals are the best consolation, comfort, therapy and medicine of all. Take care and stay strong. Either CMD has you………………or YOU have it! Your choice for a stronger and more productive lifestyle. Those who suffer from it, appreciate its possible intensity and its demobilizing attributes. Each day is a blessing. Hope yours is pain-free. Val Frost and BUBBLES.

  52. I’ve just had my young teenage son at a specialist as our local doctor just couldn’t understand the symptoms. For the last 6-8 months my son has been getting a sore back, headache and stomach ache and then he gets the nausea and usually dry retches or maybe vomits and then the diarrhea starts. All he wants to do is lie down and sleep and with the last attack he had ear ache, the shivers, sweating, skin sensitivity, dizziness and loss of appetite (unusual for him!) All blood tests and other tests normal every time. No temperature and in between attacks he’s 100% okay. He’s not lost any weight and is in all other ways a growing teenage boy. The specialist told us within a minute of being in his rooms that it was most probably migraine. I didn’t even know kids could get abdominal migraines! I’m now reading up on everything and anything about migraines so I know what to expect next time he gets an attack. This web page has been very helpful 🙂

    1. Vicki,

      I’m sorry you’re son is going through this — and I’m sorry you have to see him in pain. It’s great that you’re so supportive of him. It will ease his burden more than you can know. I’m glad you got him into a specialist. Did the specialist recommend triptans to abort the migraine attacks? Best of luck in finding an effective treatment.


  53. My first migraine was in the 4th grade. I am 36 years old & know all my triggers, & can tell when a migraine is coming on & I’m usually able to stop them. In December things changed. I started getting migraines with vertigo, I also started having silent migraines. I would feel like crap, like a hangover, my eyes swell & droop, I can’t think clearly, it’s an all around crappy feeling, neck & shoulder pain. The silent migraine is always followed by sharp migraine pain behind the eye. I have gone 30 hours feeling normal in the past 3 months. I have seen a neurologist, they put me on nortriptyline, b12, magnesium. I have had an mri & MRA of the brain which was normal. Blood tests were all normal. This past week the pain in my neck was horrible, I thought my head was going to explode from the migraine & ended up going to the er. The dr was great & didn’t through pain killers at me, he had an IV with an NSAID & reglan. Took the pain away like no other drug. I still had the silent migraine, the girl checking me out even said something about how bad I still looked. I noticed now that if I hold my head still against something, the pain goes away. If I’m standing up, moving, climbing stairs the pain in my head is excruciating. If I tilt my head back slightly the pain goes away. I just had an mri of the cervical spine today & I’m praying it shows something. I just want an answer or course of action. I haven’t been able to work & I do not feel as if I am living. Has anybody experienced any of my symptoms or have any ideas?

    1. Janet,

      Low cerebrospinal fluid headaches are typically positional. Here’s a good overview: If you want to research the positional aspect some more, try Googling positional headache or postural headache. Another name for low CSF headaches is intercranial hypotension, another term that will bring up tons of Google results.

      Since this is such a dramatic change from your usual migraines, I recommend seeing a headache specialist to get to the root of the problem. I wish you the best of luck in finding a diagnosis and treatment.

      Take care,

  54. I have suffered from “classic” migraines since 4th grade. The frequency and severity have changed over time. Now that I’m in my 40’s they have become a lot less frequent, perhaps because of hormonal changes, but I have also adjusted my diet significantly – no artificial colors (including caramel color), no preservatives/nitrates, no artificial sweeteners, limit gluten/wheat, and try to eat only whole foods, not processed. This has helped immensely. My symptoms have always been similar… the aura used to start with a lightness in my arm (like it didn’t belong on my body), followed by visual flashing/blindness. Then the sledgehammer headache. Over time, though, my aura has changed somewhat. Now it starts with a severe sharp pin-prick pain in my right parietal lobe (always in the exact same spot), followed by the visual flashing/blindness, and sometimes sneezing and yawning a lot more than usual. During my worst migraines, I have also had the inability to speak or form words in my head, which was terrifying the first time it happened because I couldnt’ tell anyone what was happening to me. After the migraines, I always have very tender shoulders/neck. I can’t remember ever experiencing ear or tooth pain – the sharp pin-prick pain (like someone is sticking an ice pick in my brain) is always in my head during the aura phase.

  55. Hi. I have found that migraines change over your life. Used to get eye pain and hemiplegic migraine – numb arm, tongue, lips, throat and severe nausea. As have got older still get visual aura and some nausea, along with neck and shoulder pain and severe toothache in only one tooth but no eye pain. Also tightness in shoulder and most bizarrely I can’t drink hot drinks for a while after the attack as my throat becomes very over sensitive to heat??? Don’t know what the explanation for that is!

  56. Hi Kerrie, thx for ur reply…i have been to a neurologist, allergy & immunologist, internist, medical acupuncture, opthalmologist, neuro opthalmologist, psychiatrist, neurosurgeon, vascular surgeon, urolog, dermatology, ENT, even priest…and the doctor/profesor are the best in their field, but their effort to cure me have no result…the main problem is gritty eyes, but this gritty eyes is not a sensation or just a feeling, i’m sure there’s a sand inside my eyelid(not eyeball), but no opthalmologist seem to understand…my eyes is checked very complete and comprehensive, the doctor said i have inflamation scleritis and keratitis, she give me artificial eyedrop, floxa antibiotics and polynel…and after a week, keratitis is healed but not the gritty eyes,5 months i used artificial eyedrop and doesn’t effect at all, not even a bit…The weird thing is all these symptomps have once fully recovered when abscess in my root canal upper middle teeth is cleaned, the doctor said there’s pus in root canal teeth is becaused there’s a pus leaked from the root teeth(my root teeth still having abscess granuloma at that time), the next morning “the sand comes out from my eyelid” and i’m healed 100% but it only last for 1 month(no eye doctor/dentist believes me when i said this, but it’s the truth), then the endodontic process failed to cleaned the abscess/granuloma on the root teeth after 5 months, so i decided to extract the teeth…After the oral surgeon doctor extract my 3 upper middle teeth and clean the granuloma(dry pus), my gritty eyes still haven’t cured…the weird thing is these sand gathered only when i sleep at night and make me awake coz it hurts…another weird thing is in the afternoon there is no gritty eye but my testicles is in pain(feels like the sand move to the testicles through blood vessel), but when the sand gathered in the eyes at night, the testicles pain gone(100% healed), but then the next afternoon the testicles pain come back without gritty eyes…these symptoms all started when my endodontist inject my teeth with ultracal(calcium hidroxide), i don’t know if calcium hidroxide is culprit

  57. Well,hello again…unfortunately root canal treatment don’t bring me any good, every pain come back again while i’m having RCT…stiffneck, eye pain, headache come back again, even now with grains of sand in the eye EVERY hurts so bad that i must be awake every 2-3 times while i’m sleeping…i already have my 3 upper central teeth extracted, and also my immunology doctor said i have sjogren syndrome but i’m not so sure since i don’t have dry mouth..blood test, ANA profile, ANCA profile, infection panel, Anti dsDNA, everything is negative and fine…i already go to 7 doctor eye spesialist even with PhD title but my eyes still hurt, especially the grains of sand in the eye, i don’t know where else to go for this illness…immunology doctor gave me medrol(methylprednisolone) 24mg/day for a week without taper and it only making things worse, no benefit at all…my friend said that it could be the third molar tooth that make me ill, i indeed have a perikoronitis that sometime my gum hurt a little when i eat, but there’s no infection or impaction at all in the panoramic X ray, can anyone know about this and help me out ? Thx a lot

    1. Have you seen a neurologist who is a headache specialist? Headache pain often happens in the face, eye, and even gums. A headache specialist would be able to give you an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment.

  58. I have had a problem similar to what everyone has said here, on and off for the past 8 years. It has happened to me about 15 times, and it always happens about an hour or so after I wake up in the morning. I’ll suddenly begin to feel my upper front teeth going “numb”, and then it’ll get worse and worse until my whole face is experiencing a “dull” kind of pain. Sometimes it lasts for just a half hour, and sometimes for 2-3 hours. One time it made it vomit anytime I tried to move. I read through a bunch of posts, but didn’t see- is there anything people can do to try to prevent it from getting worse, once to symptoms start? Like, once I feel my teeth going numb, can I do something to stop it? I usually just wait it out.

    The other interesting thing is that it has only ever happened when I drink alcohol the night before. It obviously doesn’t happen every time I drink, and I have not found any particular alcohol to be the issue. If anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them- thanks and I hope everyone feels better asap!

  59. I have an 8year old daughter who has suffered from constant headache and earache for 7months she has had grommets fitted an MRI scan also seen 2 ENT constultants and a paediatric consultant with no results. We are now being told she may have a form of migaine and he is going to prescibe medication accordingly. We just dont know where to turn next and hope this has some effect. It has effected her socially and phyically having to give up much loved sports, last term she attended school for only 3 days! Its helpful to read we are not alone and others are in the same boat. Any advice would be most grateful. Helen. W

  60. i also have a very severe headache,earache,stiffneck,eye pain for 1 year..i’ve tried MRI and the result is post infection,but the wierd thing is that my headache and other symptoms are still i try to x ray my teeth and the result is chronic abses and cyst in my 3 upper middle teeth..i’m getting better when the endodontist take care of my teeth,but until now i’m still on endodontist treatment..hope to be totally recover try to check your teeth,it’s the main problem for me of all these symptoms,Gbu all

  61. If I hadn’t regularly experienced most of the symptoms listed here I would think you were all out of your minds! No wonder most of the doctors I’ve consulted subtly communicated tey thought I was out of mine. I appear to have experienced migraine for about 35 yrs since about age 15. I experienced constant pain for 18-1/2 years. Topamax eliminated the chronic pain for over 2 years, but lost effectiveness after reducing the dosage. (Increasing the dosage again then seemed to have no effect.) The constant pain has been back for 3 yrs now. Every few weeks the symptoms go into overdrive for 5-10 days (not menstrual–I’m male) and once or twice a year I seem to experience back-to-back extreme cycles for several weeks. The first doctor I consulted (in AZ in 1989) burst into an angry tantrum before I finished listing the symptoms–including tooth and jaw pain. A neurologist the next year simply called me a hypochondriac. Although I’ve managed to accumulate multiple university degrees, my career has been severely hampered because I have no control over which days or time of day I will feel well enough to perform. Increasingly it seems I can’t perform well enough often enough to survive in a competitive atmosphere. (I drew some negative attention at my last real job after closing my office door & blinds with the lights off into the afternoon every day for a few weeks.) All other facets of my life have dwindled to near nonexistence. I struggle continuously to avoid feeling depressed. I vocally responded to a few entries above–such as “hope you find relief soon”–with profanity. Maybe I am crazy. But I sure appreciate knowing I’m not alone.

  62. im 19 ive had migranes for as long as i can remeber i couldnt go to school or work it came with earache neckache double vision. ive seen a lot of doctors and they dont know whats going on with me i also feel weak can barley eat cant stand sound or light vomit and i take advil it helps but they come back it hurts so bad i cant get out of bed sometimes. so im glad to know im not alone because my friends and family dont get it they think its just a headache. reading some of the stories helped me a lot thanks guys. and i hope we all get better soon. god bless

  63. Debbie I totally understand how you feel. I’ve suffered with migraines all my life but not until 3 years ago did they drastically change for the worse. Instead of an occasional migraine, it was daily and brutal torture. I went to sleep one night without them and the next day my head would not and still has not stopped hurting for more than a few hours or maybe a day if I’m lucky. I feel like I’m all alone and the pain is horrible. I have the upmost respect for you being a single mom of 3 and having to deal with your migraines. I have 2 boys and a wonderful husband who helps me. I couldn’t imagine dealing with the pain without him. I’m having these same symptoms that I’ve learned are part of the migraine. Sometimes my heading is impaired to the point where the simplest sound sound like a bomb. That’s before the pounding starts. Then like now my teeth don’t even feel like they belong in my mouth from hurting so bad. My gums feel swollen and the sensitivity is crazy. Lately I’ve even noticed a funky taste before my teeth cut out to pounding. One positive I want to share is my neurologist started Botox injections with me. There’re 29 shots for each treatment session and it takes about a month to month and half before you feel a true difference but it helps tremendously. I’ve had two treatments which only last around 3 months. I had to wait a couple months between treatments due to insurance so it’s like starting over from the beginning. I could tell a huge difference toward the last month if my first treatment. I felt like I had a life back, somewhat. I’m like though, maybe one day they will leave as quick as they came.

  64. well i suffered migraine all my life but was just a headache and visual aura and cant say it disrupted my life to bad until 17 months ago overnight i experienced the worst headache of my life i thought i was going to die the pain was shear torture in my head,neck,ears i had severe vertigo,vomiting,hearing loss,vision loss,adversion to bright light and sound,constant yawning,urination frequently the alice in wonderland symptoms where things look different in size,loss of balance,nystagmus flicking of the eyes i honestly thought i was going to die id never felt pain like it and i was terrified i was in bed for 4 months with these constant symptoms 24 hours a day and felt nobody would help first i was told i had labs then mienries and after 6 months finally a change in migraine was thought to be my cause.its now 17 months and though eased i still have all the symptoms 24 hours a day every day and no migraine meds have helped at all it has stopped my life in its tracks and being a single mum of 3 kids its been nothing short of hell,i dont have a life to speak of any more i feel like i just exist.its hard to comprehend how your life can be changed over night from happy and healthy to a life of misery.i still live in hope that 1 day as quick as it appeared it will disappear but feel like i have no support from my neurologist at all i stay in scotland and at the moment feel very alone,i dont think theres enought support for people who suffer this horriable and weird migraine and a lack of understanding of how much it affects peoples lives i think we all live in hope that a cure will be found but until that day we can only find help and reassurance with forums like these.

  65. Thank you so much for this site! I have experienced so many of these symptoms – pain, ear pressure/warmth/burning, facial pain, neck stiffness/pain, tinnitus, nausea, fuzzy thinking, headache on one side, etc.

    Another symptom I notice is tightness in my hands and joints, along with the neck pain. Often, my thumbs will repeatedly get stiff and then pop when I bend them at the joint, as if the joints are repeatedly and quickly filling up with fluid.

    I won’t list all of my symptoms, since most are already listed above, but I usually get my symptoms within a week before/or during my menstrual cycle and it is exasperated by brushing my teeth. My gums feel sensitive, swollen and painful. My jaw and ear canals ache, burn and feel tight/swollen along with my neck stiffness and pain after I brush my teeth.

    I recently experienced the symptoms outside of my menstrual cycle and noticed two common foods: one was a draft apple cider alcoholic beverage, the other was cashews. I also experienced hives after eating the cashews.

    My face typically turns red around my sinuses and I can feel small areas of swelling around my jaw and cheek bones.

    I can tell when my migraine is beginning to subside; I start to get goosebumps, to urinate more frequently and I am able to relax and breathe more deeply and slowly. I have tried super-hydrating or relaxation – thinking that those may help get rid of the migraine faster, but they only help slightly. They don’t actually affect the length or severity of the migraine.

    One thing that sometimes helps me is a combination of taking an antihistamine and decongestant, hydrating, warming up my neck muscles with wind mill type exercises and then doing some deep stretching of my arms, back and neck and then deep breathing and relaxation. Unfortunately, if it is a bad migraine, these will not get rid of it. If it is mild and I catch it early, sometimes these will curb the onset.

  66. Hello,
    My strange migraine symptom is that after my visual aura subsides I get numbness in my left hand. Then the numbness recedes there as it travels up my left arm and to my face and tongue. As it recedes from my face, it travels down my right arm and to my right hand. Has anyone else ever experienced this?

    That’s definitely a possible symptom. Depending on your other symptoms, it could be an indication of hemiplegic migraine ( I recommend seeing your doctor just to make sure they are aware of your symptoms and can rule out other causes.

    Take care,

  67. Hi all,
    I have had problems since my twenties, my sister, mom, and grandmother suffer as well. But, I suffer primarily from symptoms, not an actual debilitating headache. I have only had a few of those. The neck pain and fatigue are so irritating, and the feeling like you cannot think straight doesn’t help either. Also, there are certain foods that trigger my sinuses to completely fill, burn, and cause me to sneeze all day long. Fresh bread, chocolate, and aspartame are the top 3.
    If asked which is the most prominent, I would have to say the sneezing. Anyone else have this same problem?

  68. @#15 kquig

    I’ve had migraines since my teen years (i’m male) and have the mild dissociation where my hands do things and go, “oh that’s me”.

  69. I have a friend who has very weird vise like pain on the right side of her head, and severe muscle spasms in her neck. They leave her feeling exhausted.
    They can happen over and over again.
    Nothing was picked up on the cat scan even while she was having one happen.
    She is sensitive to light and sound.
    The Doctors are puzzled.
    Doe any of you have similar symptoms?

  70. I’m 25 years old and have only had 3 migraines ever (that I have recognized) my very first migraine I recognized right away and was sent home from school.. with that one it was with aura and I had neck pain and stiffness (which made my mom think meningitis but I had no fever.) The second one (December 2011… About 9 years after the first one.. and 2 kids later lol) I had a throbbing in the right side of my head, sensitivity to sound (which was awful bc I am a stay at home mom of a 1 and 3 year old) also had what I can only explain as electrical pulses in my head which with every pulse, I would get flickering of light. I would also get a burning or tingling in my sinuses. It took me 4 days to come to the conclusion it was a migraine. My 3rd (current) migraine I only recognized today which is day 3. I started out with what I thought was a sinus headache. First symptom was my eyes were burning and watering. Constant loud noise didn’t bother me but (was currently at a military function which the most senior officer used a gavel.. weird I know.. every time the gavel sounded I felt like my head would explode. I was downing water all day then turned to coffee… Neither worked. Day 2 same symptoms, today I am in pretty awful pain. Pain and pressure on the right side of my face and head. Tingling/burning in my right sinuses and pain/throbbing and sensitivity in my upper right teeth. And yeah, took me til today to figure out it was a migraine. I haven’t had many and the ones I’ve had are so infrequent I can never self-diagnose them early.

    On a side note. I had my kids 22 months apart and nursed to I only started menstrating late last year (after nearly 4 years of menstrual peace and quiet) my last 2 migraines seemed to happen before I start menstrating so I think they’re hormone related. Unfortunately, I’m not regular so I don’t know when I’m going to start (logging it on my WomanLog app to figure out a pattern)

    My migraines seem to affect the right side.. never (so far) the left. Is there a reason for this?

    That definitely sounds like migraine to me, though I’d check with a doctor to be sure. Migraines are typically only on one side, though some people have them on both.

    There are highly effective abortive medications that your doctor can prescribe for you. Best of luck!


  71. I just feel plain weird. I don’t usually get a migraine but have been diagnosed with chronic migraine syndrome because of all of the other wacky things. My eyes will feel strained, almost like they are constricting. I also feel foggy, tired most days, and have a burning type of headache most of the time. I’m taking namenda for the chronic migraine syndrome but it doesn’t take away all of the symptoms.

  72. Patty – I too have been gluten free since January 1st of this year (I was trying to fix a different problem initially) and have not had a migraine yet! That would be fantastic if that is all it took because this diet is easy. **fingers crossed**

  73. I have had migraines for 57yres. The “usual” extreme pain leading to vomiting and sleep. Lately I have beem experiencing dizziness, and the feeling of blacking out with more neck pain. I’m glad that I found this site. It has helped to confirm my thoughts that these symptoms are migraine related. Does anyone know if they can be broughjt on by high blood pressdure meds? Also, a friend of mine with long term debilitating migraines quit eating gluten. She is now headache free.

  74. I have also experienced the following symptoms in the past couple years with my headaches: ear ache/fullness, head pressure, brain fog, fatigue, nausea, anxiety, etc. and have seen many doctors/specialists who found nothing. I thought the problem was solved once my GP noticed that I had low thyroid and corrected it with thyroid hormone since the symptoms went away for a while (and maybe it was). However, I just recently developed a painful tooth infection at which time all of the previously mentioned symptoms returned. The infection happened to be located at the tip of the root of a tooth that I had a root canal done 10 years ago. All of this left me wondering if the symptoms were previously caused by an infection in the root canal area which I couldn’t feel at the time since all of the nerves were extraced with the root canal. Maybe this is a crazy theory (and I am definitely no dentist or doctor unless you count Dr. Google) but does anyone else having tooth related migraines have previous root canals on the same side as the pain?

    1. Lora,
      Also have dental pain.
      After seeing dentist on top of oral surgeon, endodontist, neurologist, Ent doctor and various cat scans, MRI, x rays etc a headache specialist diagnosed my tooth pain as migraine. He put me on Pamelor 10 Mg. No more occurances of the migraine/ upper L side Toothache pain. So happy. After a yr migraine free and 15pd and rising non stopping weight gain despite food reduction I went off Pamelor. Ok tooth/migraine wise for an other yr. Then toothpain that side requiring root canal. Still ok migraine wise. Then required second root canal on that same upper L side. and postroot canal pain failed to resolve. After 6 awful weeks of patient waiting I thought the root canal pain was finally getting less intense. iNow 6 wks post root canal I have begun to experience the headache nausea, etc. symptoms too. Ugh! Wondering if there is some connection.

  75. I get earache deep in my ears when I have a migraine. I also thought it was just me – it has been great to read everyone’s comments here.

    My ears also hurt/feel heavy if I drink more than the tiniest amount of alcohol – does anyone else get this?

  76. Regarding sensitive teeth prior to migraine. I too have this phenomena. I’ve had a thorough dental check and seemingly nothing wrong. Most annoying.

  77. I suspect that food intolerances may be a factor. Along with all the other possible factors listed on this site.It’s A PAIN,isn’t it?

  78. I googled migraine with tooth pain. Thought it was just me but comforting to know I wasn’t going crazy. I’ve had migraine with aura off and on since 16 years old (many moons ago). They’ve flared up recently. I had the visual aura really bad this past weekend. Usually it fades slowly but this time it ended – suddenly. No headache (but I did load up on Excedrin). So off to the gym as planned BUT when I went to brush my teeth, I couldn’t. My teeth were EXTREMELY sensitive all over. Never experienced this before.

    @kquig & your comment: “My most unusual symptom is that my arms do not look like they are mine. It’s like someone else reached for the glass or whatever..takes me a sec to realize it’s mine- then I know migraine in it’s way. Never met anyone else with this”. The arm thing or an extremely heightened sense of smell is my “clue”. Yeah, that arm just moved but it’s not mine. Wierd.

  79. I would like to add that I very rarely have any actual pain in my head with these symptoms. It is not until all these symptoms subside that I actually feel any pain. And when there is pain, it’s on one side of my head, and always the opposite side of where the numbness was.

  80. I’ve been suffering from migraines since I was 15 years old. Sadly, my symptoms are much like those of a stroke. My neurologist told me the only difference between my symptoms and those of a stroke is that with a stroke, your blood pressure rises.
    Recently, my boyfriend had to call 911 because it was so severe, I was convinced it was a stroke this time.
    Symptoms are:
    -Vision loss, and seeing spots in my vision
    -Numbness in one side of face, nose, lips, mouth, tongue, and down one side of body and hand.
    -Confusion. Sometimes can’t say my own name.

    I do not get all symptoms at once. Usually starts with vision loss. Then vision will come back and hand gets numb, then hand gets better and face will get numb, etc. Normally I can take 3 Advil when symptoms start and in about 30 minutes I’m fine, except very tired.
    Recently, it lasted almost all day. I couldn’t even move my body. Paramedics had remove me from my bed and take me in the ambulance to the hospital.

    I have found two major triggers: Peanuts and hormones. I cannot take Birth Control pills, etc. If I eat peanuts or anything that came in contact, I will have a migraine the next day.

    1. That is EXACTLY what I experience! Boyfriend had to take me to the emergency room to, as he was convinced I was having a stroke. So incredibly scary. I’ve found that my triggers are low blood sugar and not getting enough sleep. It’s actually happened at work before, and I lose a good part of my vision for about thirty minutes. I can time it and know when it will be over, so that’s helpful, but the whole thing is still very disturbing. I often tell people that I can live with the pain (which doesn’t come until after the 30 minutes is over, if it comes at all), the thing I cannot handle is the stroke-like symptoms. Very encouraging though to see someone with the same symptoms as me – people usually think I’m crazy or lying!

  81. Thanks Kerrie. I’m trying to find a good headache specialist here in Utah. My neurologist put me on Imitrex to stop the migraines and Amitryptiline to prevent them. Didn’t notice much help with Imitrex and it gave me major muscle pains and weakness next day and the Ami made me too sleepy. Did your symptoms completely resolve with your medication?

    1. No, my symptoms haven’t resolved completely, but the Namenda helps. Try Googling “headache specialist utah” (without quotes) — quite a few options come up.

      Take care,

  82. Oh my gosh Kerrie, your symptoms sound just like mine! I was just diagnosed with migraines (after seeing Dr after Dr). Chet, I have been losing my hearing for 20 years (unexplained) and wonder if I too have had undiagnosed migraines all these years. How do you treat your migraines? Tried Imitrex but no luck and Amitriptyline made me too tired. Has anyone had success with Zomig? Currently going through physical therapy for neck. I’ve had this migraine for 3 months now. Right eye blurry, right ear feels hot and aches and annoying hissing noise plus I cant hear out of it very well. Also upper right teeth ache. Cant stand the lightheadedness and foggy feeling. Any suggestions on how to get rid of it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Getting the right diagnosis, as it sounds like you now have, is the first step. There are many possible treatments, both preventive and abortive. I recommend seeing a headache specialist to seek further treatment.

      Namenda, a prescription medication used off-label to treat migraine, has reduced my fogginess a lot.


  83. For me the onset of migraines usually start with the back of my neck becoming very sore (sometimes down into the back of my left shoulder). Usually this happens the day before I get the migraine. The pain then moves up through the back of my head and settles in the for the long haul in my right eye and temple area. Recently I’ve noticed that my bottom teeth and jaw ache. Never associated this with migraines before but after reading this I believe it is likely related. My migraines usually last for two to three days at a time, once or twice a month. Typical symptoms, sensitivity to light, sound, nauseau, exhaustion. Triptans (Axert) used to work although it took a couple of excruciating hours to take effect but would only last for about six hours and then the migraine would return. You’re not supposed to take more than one every 12 hours (broke that rule) so sometimes I would suffer while waiting this out. Lately Axert doesn’t work for the first pill and then finally after taking a second pill I get relief. Wondering what medications work for people.

  84. I found this site since I’ve been suffering with the same. I wonder if you’ve considered clenching/grinding of your teeth as a possible cause/additional issue? I’ve got a guard since I clench and grind at night which causes me to wake up with a massive headache that feels like it starts in my neck and moves to my eyes. I have a stiff neck, piercing earache and as you mention, very sensitive teeth. I’d definitely recommend a trip to the dentist since grinding when tense is very common and if you have a tension induced migraine then grinding is a likely additional issue.

  85. I found this very useful. I too have sensitive teeth before a migraine attack. Very annoying. Many thanks for your site.

  86. After many years of thinking about it, I (and Clare W?) have finally concluded that Meniere’s Disease and migraine are variants of the same disorder. The comments on this site are extremely helpful, since although I am in an excellent academic psychiatric and neurological library, textbooks and journal articles on headache omit all such useful data. I have proposed a syndrome of Meniere Spectrum Disorder, which is very common and encompasses Meniere’s Disease, migraine and many other mysterious pseudo-neurological and pseudo-psychiatric conditions. It is basically a hypersensitive state of the inner ear, the clinical manifestation of endolymphatic hydrops. All the important features of MSD appear in the above posts, ie
    * Feeling of pressure/blockage in ear(s).
    * Ear ache/pain.
    * Muffled, fuzzy, echoic hearing.
    * Deafness, often fluctuant, sometimes severe.
    * Vertigo, dizziness.
    * Imbalance.
    * Depersonalisation.
    * Brain fog.
    * Motion sickness.
    * Tinnitus.
    * Audiosensitivity.
    * Nausea, vomiting.
    The vestibular system has a strong influence on the visual system, and is probaly responsible for generating the aurae of migraine.

  87. I used to feel,chronic pain in my half head,most of the times it transfer also,from left to right,bt i used to feel in my left head,most of the times….

  88. i m suffering from migrain since 3+ Years,but it was not regular.i got migrain pain,when i used to travel long.but since 15 days,i m suffering from bad migrain pain starts from left head(back side of the head),and comes through half head and ear…it makes me life miserable,i am not able to concentrate on my work,it disturbs my daily routine.i took so many medicines,but they work for only 1-2 hrs. can smbdy suggest me what to do next….please help me

  89. I have often gotten SEVERE pain before,during,& after a migraine in my left ear (regardless of which
    side of my head the pai shows up in). All manner of doctors ha be examined this ear &”believe it’s all in my head”.

  90. I also suffer from migraines and chronic neck n back pain. I also get ear pain with my headaches …I hope soon there will be some way we can get relief from these headaches. They take so much of your life away when you get them so often..good luck and any suggestions will be appreciated 🙂

    1. Carla I hope you have found some relief with migraines. I know this is an old message but I also have been diagnosed with having migraines. My neurologist diagnosed me in Feb 2015. Some of my symtoms are the following.

      -sound sensitivity:clanking of plates silverware, or dishes, keys dropping, creates irritability/ disturbance in ears. Babies crying at Target store are challenging;)

      -daily weird strange headaches. At times intense band feeling across forehead. Other times head pressure/vice like feeling fluctuates other days into fuzzy also like head is asleep on left portion of scalp. At night experienced stabbing like sharp pain on portions of scalp (less frequent). I have not been 100% headache free the last 95 days. Almost always some type of low grade headache lingers at minimum or fluctuations into more intense depending on day.

      -Jaw pain (less frequent) when occurred it limited my range of motion opening my mouth. Only occurred once or twice in last 95 days.

      -front teeth sensitivity only occurred once in last 95 days.

      -occasional eye strain or itchy eyes. Less frequent.

      -stomach cramp and intense sharp pain in abdomen. Less frequent.

      -Stuffy nose/runny periodically.

      -very sensitive scalp at times and feel some pain/heavy feeling when my hair is gel and combed up.

      -ringing in ears and fullness. It comes and goes. Occasional sound/echoes in bedroom.

      -smell sensitivity to certain cologne which seemed to trigger more fuzzy pressure in head. Less frequent.

      It’s been challenging the past 95 days but I have faith that soultions and answers are on the way. I have discovered that Accupunture, Accupressure/scalp massage does provide some temporary relief. Drinking plenty of water is important also. I have chosen to stay away from antidepressants that my Neurologist wrote prescriptions for. I believe other soultions exist besides Wellbutrin XL 150 mg and drugs like Pamelor. My mom shared an experience she had many years ago with daily headaches that lasted 2 years! She described it as a “barrel of water” on top of her head when she looked up or down and side to side. The doctors said in her case it was “tension type” headache. After 2 years of daily headaches, they disappeared.

  91. Contd… Dental fixtures with various metals in my jaw’s left side induced tiny electric currents in my mouth that affected my trigeminal nerve and created havoc in the left side of my face. In simple terms, the current in the mouth tissues should be up to 20 milivolts and the ones I used to measure where 300 to 400!!! After I had all metals removed from my mouth, nearly immediate most of those symptoms (intense anxiety, neck stiffness, eye pain, etc, etc, etc) disappeared. I still feel some symptoms now after 4 years of my “live saving” dental treatment but they are not 5% of what they were before. I nearly forgot to say something very important, what caused my symptoms to go through the roof was an MRI scan that seems to have “charged” my teeth with its powerful electromagnetic field. Thanks for reading, and I hope that my story helps some of you

  92. Hi all, my story may be a bit different to all yours. Making it short, about four years ago my symptoms got so intense and often that my life was true hell. I saw all sort of specialists, including a neurologist who saw me last and diagnosed me migraine. At first I was happy because it was the first time tdat someone had an explanation for my symptoms. However, none of his treatments did not really work. I then decided to look at alternative explanations. After reading a thousand website articles I realised that my symptoms could be related to mercury intoxication and/or oral Galvanism due to mercury amalgams and dental fixtures with various metals. I’m not so sure now whether I had been intoxicated with mercury after so many years of having those dental amalgams, anyway this theory is very difficult to prove as it is something impossible to measure. However, I DID suffer from oral Galvanism. Dental fixtures with various metals in my jaw’s left side

  93. My early warning that a migraine is coming is a sharp pain in my ear–very much like i have had a ice pick stuck into my ear canal. For years I took unnecessary antibiotics because my doctors thought I must have an ear infection and a sinus infection if my head an ear hurt as bad as I was telling them. Then a lovely nurse practioner recognized that i was having a migraine, and sent me to get the correct treatment. I still get the earache, but I know what to do now when it comes.

    You’re fortunate to have a nurse practitioner who recognized what’s going on. It seems to be a difficult connection to make. I’m glad you were able to get effective treatment.


  94. Kerrie, thanks for talking about this, most people tend to hide and keep the pain to themselves. We need to talk and educate ourselves.

    I have lost all of my hearing due to migraines. I am 40 now and was only diagnosed as having migraines 5 years ago. since then I have made great progress from having a migraine that last many month to having only 1 or 2 a week. unfortunately I started treating my migraines too late for my hearing (some hearing has returned but not enough to understand speech). I found a lot of benefit from the book “Heal your Headaches” by David Buchholz MD. He does a great job of defining what a migraine is (and is not) and gives a good strategy to address the migraines. This book only got me started, the rest was really up to me.

    I found my primary number 1 trigger was artificial sweeteners. My number 2 trigger is HFCS or High Fructose Corn Syrup. After a little internet research, I was stunned to find what HFCS is and how it behaves in the body. If I had only known then what I know now I might be able to recall things that happened to me when I was growing up. An interesting note, I often have “painless” migraines. Meaning I have some of the symptoms of a migraine without the headache pain.
    Signs I may be having a Migraine:

    1 – one eye is “off”
    2 – forgetting things I just talked about
    3 – unable to remember people names or simple labels
    4 – swapping names (calling a banana “apple” and apple “banana”)
    5 – vertigo
    6 – sleeping too much
    7 – indecision
    8 – blurry vision (sometimes I can see better without my glasses)
    9 – hearing loss (I have a Cochlear Implant now so this is no longer a symptom)

    There are more, but what I listed is the most consistent for me. My goal right now??? A FULL 10 DAYS without a migraine. I’ve gotten up to 5 days so far. sigh. Wish me luck! 🙂

  95. Yes I get the tooth thing as well..just wish I could pul them out. I agree with Christina P..It is the trigeminal nerve..which is also close to the ear and another reason for problems with vertigo as well. My most unusual symptom is that my arms do not look like they are mine. It’s like someone else reached for the glass or whatever..takes me a sec to realize it’s mine- then I know migraine in it’s way. Never met anyone else with this symptom.

    1. Two of us in my office at work get the “funny arms” peripheral vision thing. Also, a few days before a migraine I have a really sore patch on my scalp, and I am really susceptible to static electricity (try going through a supermarket like this…EVERY metal fixture will zap you). Have had just about every symptom listed here except vomiting. Tunnel vision and garbled speech were the worst. My students know that the best time to ask for a favour is when I have a migraine! (Yes, dear; anything you like, dear)

  96. Hi, I am sooo happy to find this site. I am at my wits end. I have been questioning whether or not I really do have migraines or something more serious. I have seen numerous doctors who have performed several tests and tried all of the traditional medications but because the tests show nothing and the meds don’t work for me, they end up dumping me and telling me that maybe there is another doctor out there who can better help me. I am in between doctors at the moment. I have daily pain that starts the minute I open my eyes in the morning. I used to be very active and work but I no longer am able to work and I spend a great deal of time in my house and in my bed. I get pain in my eyes very badly, along the right side of my head, across the back of my head and neck and more recently along the left side as well. I get dizzy spells and nausea, sensitivity to light, sound and smells. I get so sick that I can’t eat or drink anything. My doctor suggested that I try injections, which I did, but it turns out that they pretty much just moved the pain around so I stopped. I’m currently taking Meclizine, compazine, lidocaine,topamax, fioricet and oxycodone but not all of those work and since I need to find a new doctor I’m really afraid that no other doctor will prescribe me a narcotic and that seems to be the only thing that helps my eye pain. I’ve seen sooo many specialists and had sooo many tests done and they haven’t been able to find anything and they can’t seem to treat my pain effectively. I just want to live a normal life again. I don’t want this pain to run my life. I live in the Boston, MA area. If there is anyone who knows anything that can help me or have any suggestions, please reply and let me know. I would greatly appreciate it.

    1. I know this is an old post but I wondered if you had found any relief from your symptoms? I suffer with migraines related to the monthly cycle and have recently been diagnosed with migraine associated vertigo and chronic fatigue. I have hyperacusis tinnitus pulsatile tinnitus sensitivity to light and smell, palpitations, inability to regulate my temperatures, sore teeth and guns, burning sensations in my neck and brain and sensitivity to patterns colour and flourescent lighting. I am so miserable and really want to find something to relieve even just the light and sound sensitivity. It all came on after my son was born a year ago so I am sure hormones are playing a part

      1. Natalie, most medications that treat the migraine also help with the other symptoms. Triptans are the typical drug for aborting migraines. Imigran is a triptan that’s available over-the-counter in the UK, though you should consult with your doctor first to make sure it’s safe for you to take a triptan. They’re most effective as soon as a migraine starts. There are also many different migraine preventive meds (both prescription drugs and supplements), which are intended to keep migraine attacks from coming on. High doses of magnesium have been helpful for me. I’ve also found relief by using the NuvaRing (hormonal birth control) continuously to even out my hormones, thus preventing worse migraines around my period.

        If you’re breastfeeding, you’ll be limited in the drugs you can take safely. The good news is that some women’s migraines reduce drastically once they stop breastfeeding.

        There is a special tint for glasses that filters the wavelengths of light that cause the most pain response in people with migraine and can keep light from triggering migraines. You can learn more at (Disclosure: I’m the co-founder of TheraSpecs — the tint was so helpful for me that my husband and I started the company to make such glasses available to other people with migraine.)

        Sorry if this message is scattered, I’m in a migraine right now myself. Please let me know if I can answer any other questions.

        Take care,

        1. Natalie This post is very old but many of your symptoms fit mine & that this all started after your childs birth is also can indicate a CSF leak.

      2. Another comment to an old post… 20+ yrs ago I broke my neck and had a cervical fusion at c2-7. I had always had monthly migraine exacerbated by oral contraceptives as a young woman (I’m 57 now) and could count on a migraine 2 days after giving birth. That’s why I have 4 kids. After the MVA and fusion the headaches and vomiting did not cease EVER for 2 years. I got down to 97 lbs.Pain and nausea 24/7. My teeth hurt, my right ear felt like someone punched it with a closed fist, I shiver with cold,my face throbs, eyes don’t focus,and my coordination is so bad that I stumble or drop things.My husband left- said he didn’t sigh on for this. My daughter was afraid I would die while she was at school, other Moms didn’t want me to drive their kids to ball practice, and I was not allowed to accompany my youngest on school field trips. Life was miserable.I was suicidal if it would bring relief from pain. Narcotic pain meds were objectionable to me but I took them. Not to mention that Drs are hesitant to prescribe them. They used me as a Guinea pig for antidepressants saying that depression causes pain. Pain meds only helped if I could keep them down long enough to work though. This is the One thing I did and still do as a last ditch effort to get some relief: GET IN THE SHOWER. Use an inflatable pillow or pool float as a cushion. You will be there a while and need to get comfortable. No plastic shower cap as the water hitting it it too loud. I can lay a towel over the cap to dull the sound and keep water out of my ear but the water hitting my bare head is more soothing. If I can lay in the shower for a few hours and actually go to sleep, I usually get some relief. Keep the water not too hot or too cool. A big rain shower shower head is better than a hard pins and needle spray. If you have to add a designated water heater just for your shower do it. I have slept for 6 hours in the shower. Use 2 shower curtains if you have to so there are NO cold drafts touching you. If I take pain meds and nausea meds before I get in the shower, they will usually stay down. I fall asleep and after an hour or two I usually get some relief.make sure you don’t get chilled of bend over as you dry off.

    2. Hi Veronica I know you haven’t been on this site in along time so I hope you see this I to have had the same exact as you almost the same exact meds but I was just told know, I have minere’s disease I had this uncontrollable thumping in my ear or maybe both can’t tell, the pain I have in my teeth, jaw they told me I had TMJ severe, I do suffer from migraine’s since 2008 or 09 when I was in an accident but didn’t know it was going to be like this, holy cow!! I just started getting all this pain in my ears, mainly my left this summer (2014) the ENT I went and seen told me to go on a no caffeine, no sodium, no smoking, and something else can’t remember, but let’s get real everything has some form of sodium, or caffeine in it I can’t just drink water yuck!! he told me that even Crystal light has caffeine in it WHAT!!!!! never heard of that, any way I hope your doing well and if any only has anything to add for me please do.

      1. Joyce, I was misdiagnosed with Meniere’s before I was diagnosed with migraine. The two can look quite similar. If the low-sodium diet isn’t helping, you might want to see a headache specialist. Migraine symptoms and pain locations can change over time. You certainly could have both, but knowing for sure could get you better treatment and more relief.

        Take care,

    3. Veronica suggest you see specialist for all body parts and see a glaucoma doc. Panick attacks can make feel like everything is wrong. I take xanax. Dont be afraid to get a full body ultra sound and cat scans where it hurts. Good luck!

    4. Hi Veronica. I see you are more serious than what I am. Currently I get pain daily on my left upper jaw. My eyes feel weary and I yawn as I did not get enough sleep though I have my 8 hours sleep daily, no doubt about it. Recently I have spent alot with a chiropractor taking herbal tablets for toxin cleansing and inflammation with acupuncture. I would say this improved my situation a little. I see there is a Dr. Owiesy in LA who claims to cure migraine. His phone contact is 951 907 8111 or 888 377 8444. If you wish, you can contact him. I cannot go to him as I am still in the middle of my treat with my current chiropractor. I hate to see someone having migraine and love to see the pain saying goodbye. All the best.

      1. Mad, I’m always skeptical of anyone who claims to cure migraine. There is no cure for migraine, but there are effective treatments. When someone claims they can cure it, either they’re selling snake oil or they know very little about migraine. I hope you find relief soon.

        Take care,

  97. Oh! Thank you! I had just googled “earache and sensitive teeth” to try to figure this out and now it makes perfect sense. I suffer from chronic daily migraine (usually a 2-3) but for the last 1.5 weeks it’s been around a 6-7 and I can’t seem to get it down. Now for the past 2 days I’ve had and earache and my teeth on that side of my head have been sensitive. I did not connect these new symptoms with the heightened migraine. I feel such relief! Thank you so much! I happen to have an appt with my headache specialist next week – hopefully the migraine pain will have subsided but I will definitely mention these new symptoms.

  98. One of my onset symptoms is hearing as if I’m in a barrel or down in a hole. Everyone seems far away and I feel somewhat unbalanced. Sometimes my face seems to have weights pulling it down. During migraines, I often get pain deep in one or both ears, eye pain, neck pain, and sweats and chills (just like with a fever, although my temperature is usually around 97 at the time). The neck pain is frequently horrendous to the point of nausea. Whether or not I throw up, my whole body hurts. Throwing up exacerbates the back and neck pain.

  99. Hello, all.

    Ear pressure and pain complaints are fairly common in migraine patients, and are often due to muscle spasms in the tiny muscles that affect the Eustachian tube, which normalizes pressure between the ear and the throat. The trigeminal nerve, which is important in transmitting migraine pain, has one motor function: the jaw. When this nerve is activated, it can tighten the muscles of the jaw, and that can affect the Eustachian tube.

    Tooth pain and sensitivity can also occur in migraine. Did you know that there is a unique branch of the trigeminal nerve that goes to each and every tooth?

    Sneezing, yawning, gooseflesh, and temperature imbalances are hypothalamic functions, and are known symptoms of migraine prodromes.

    While these symptoms may not be known to primary physicians, they would not be surprising to headache specialists.

  100. When I get really BAD migraines, I get sweaty chills. I equate it to having a fever, I’m REALLY hot, I’m REALLY cold and sweating up a storm. I also know that my nausea will result in actual vomitting when I sneeze (weird huh?). The sneezing (as a result of a migraine) is my weirdest symptom. I have had mornings when I get up (because I have to) and I’m dragging more than usual, constantly yawning, and unable to concentrate as if I’d had NO sleep at all (even after a good 8 hr night). It took me a while to connect this “sleepiness” with the onset of a migraine. I know exactly what Valerie means by hearing as if underwater. I constantly ask people to repeat themselves when I have a migraine coming on. I think of that more as a sensory overload… everything is SO loud you can’t “hear”. I ran out of my regular migraine medicine yesterday and met with my doctor this morning for a substitute (she was unaware that midrin had been pulled from the market), I got prodrin… anyone have any experience with it? The ratings I’ve seen seem positive I hope it works for me!

    1. I realize that this is super old but I just had to reply because I have the exact same symptoms as you – the sneezing and yawning. I’ve never met or heard of anyone else with those same two symptoms! What you described is exactly what happens to me. Even my neurologist thought I was imagining a correlation with these symptoms, so it’s nice to know I’m not the only one and I’m not crazy!

      1. Julieanna- I get the sneezing too, and thought I was crazy. I too, have never heard of anyone else correlating migraine and sneezing.

        1. I’m so glad to have come across this forum. Some people talk about getting a migraine as a result of sneezing, but I start sneezing after a migraine has already started. I’ve noticed this on numerous occasions and wondered if there must be some correlation. It’s just so weird so I’m glad to read that others have experienced the same!

  101. Ear pain is one of the first symptoms I get, when a migraine hits.
    I also have hyperacousis = sound sensitivity. Drugs like Zomig can cause ear damage:-(
    The best relief from the sound sensitivity for me is a low salt/low histamine diet. This has helped tremendously together with an antihistamine, Sandomigrin as migraine prophylaxis.

  102. I get tremendous pressure in my left ear and my left sinus cavity stretching into my neck. During “migraine” sensitive times I’m very susceptible to motion sickness which make me think swelling in my ear canal is the trigger.

  103. I do believe there are other symptoms associated w/ migraines. Just before one hits mu vision sometimes is very, very crisp. I can count the leaves on a branch from miles away, it’s very annoying. I get hungry in a sense that I don’t know what I want to eat, nothing sounds appetizing but yet I am starving. Usually it ends up being something heavy in carbs. Other times I get a burst of energy – my house can be cleaned in minutes, laundry, grocery shopping all in a few hours, then I totally crash. Sometime I get really really sleepy, uncontrollably sleepy then it hits and it’s usually bad.

    What really gets me is the neck and back pain. My shoulders feel like they have found a permament home in my ears,tense and hot. If I’m nauseous and vomiting on top of that… it’s a Category 5 migraine.

    Migraines are complicated -it’s not just a headache

  104. I have ear pain with my migraines, but it’s like they feel hot inside (not sure how else to explain it). It’s only with some of my migraines though, perhaps my more intense ones… haven’t quite figured that part out yet.

    1. i get terrible earaches behind my ears when I get migraines. I take Imitrex and it helps a great deal.
      The migraine pain leaves but sometimes the earaches linger along with fuzziness in my head.

      1. Susan, thanks for sharing your story. Triptans, like Imitrex, treat all migraine symptoms in some people and only some migraine symptoms in others. There’s little rhyme or reason. You might find that another triptan (there are seven including Imitrex) is more effective for you than Imitrex is. Amerge is my go-to.

        Take care,

  105. Could you be having sinus headahces (more consistent with those symptoms) in addition to migraine headaches?

  106. Yes! I think I had an unnecessary root canal last year because of this phenomenon. The dentist couldn’t find a definite problem with the tooth, but it was bothering me most of the time. After that root canal the pain started up again with the tooth next door, and occasionally in other teeth as well…fortunately I happened to start a medication that controls my headaches pretty well (amitryptyline) and the tooth pain disappeared as well. Now I only have tooth pain when I miss meds!

  107. Hi,
    When I was first diagnosed, it was with ear problems, they thought I had menieres disease. As I would get dizzy, bad vertigo attacks, alot of pain in my left ear and sinus. It took 3 years for my ENT surgeon to come to the conclusion that I am probably suffering from a baslar migraine. I get pain in the back of my neck to the left side, in my sinus and in my ears. Medications I am now on – pizotifen have almost put a stop to the light sensitivity and dizzy spells. But I also have a damaged right ear, which confused symptoms. Sound is a real problem, I get so sound sensative, clattering of pans, things like that, really hurt. I get an all over headache but its not as painful as the neck ache. I also get tinnitus, which is again part of the migraine.
    They think that migraine and some menieres might be one and the same. At the moment they have decided I definitely have migraines but think that some of the menieres medications might work by reducing blood flow during attacks to my inner ear! Its sooooooooooo complicated.
    I just want my life back, to be able to work again. 🙂

    1. Have you heard of Fibromuscular Dysplasia? You sound just like me and my symptoms. I have narrowed or beaded arteries and then had a dissection. You should look into it…I know this post was years ago so I hope you are well. The tinnitus that I had was actually a bruit caused by the torn artery.

      1. Aunt G,

        Thanks for the information, I hadn’t heard of that. It sounds like a scary diagnosis and surgery, I hope it worked well for you. My issue is definitely migraine, but your comment might provide insight for someone else with similar symptoms.


        1. After 52 years with CMD (Chronic Migraine Disease), and being blessed with the “variety-pack”, never knowing what will hit, where it will attack me, how long it will last, or the intensity of the pain/numbness, etc., I always wondered about the “intermittent ear issues” – sometimes achiness, sometimes like you’re under water, and then there are the tinnitus episodes too. Always during or prior to a Migraine attack. But now I have a 166-lb “advance warning system” Newfoundland Service Dog, who handles Migraine, Stroke, Disorientation, Vertigo, Vision-loss and Paralysis attacks, handling me through the attack, and comforting me afterwords. I rescued her 4.5 years ago, and now she rescues me each and every day. Her names is “BUBBLES”, and she is my constant companion, my mentor, and my independence. I also suffer from DDD (Degenerative Disc Disease) and MD (Macular Degeneration – dry – in both eyes). She has never been trained formally – simply uses her canine instinct and her keen sense of smell – she can read my body and alert me. God bless our animal companions. Additionally, thanks for bringing this additional CMD “added cost option” the pile of occurrences it already comes fully equipped with. At 64 years young, me and my 8-year-old Newfie Service Dog – and my 4 cats, also from rescue situations – are a solid team. They comfort me, watch me like hawks, are always “there” for me as my mentors, and they each come fully equipped with that healing necessity: “unconditional love”. Take care, everyone. Val Frost and BUBBLES – and Dozer, Cuddles, HoneyBear and Nipper, in Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA

  108. Sometimes I feel like my hearing is “underwater”. You can’t hear quite clearly because it is fuzzy. . .

    Hard to explain, but that’s all I got. LoL

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