Hyperthyroidism. . . Or Not

The endocrinologist called with results for the thyroid and metabolic blood tests I had done. Everything looked great. I honestly can’t tell you how many different internists and specialists I’ve seen over the years. I do know that my tests always show that I’m on the good side of a normal range.

I made the first available appointment with an internist at my PCP’s office. Then I spent the weekend brainstorming all my syptoms. Even those that I’ve had so long they’ve become normal. Some conversational highlights:

  • You mean most people don’t feel lightheaded and woozy all the time?
  • Is it unusual that my arms and hands fall asleep multiple times each night?
  • Would you call my meltdowns panic attacks?

I discovered that the aggregate of doctors over the last 10 years have heard all the symptoms, but I’ve never given a single doctor the whole list.
Time to leave for my appointment. I’ll keep you updated.

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