Lead Migration 2006

Today I intended to post pictures of my freshly painted kitchen, but it looks the same as it did on Wednesday morning. Instead of painting, I’ve spent the last five days lying on the couch because my nerve stimulator leads (or wires) started to move.

I felt the first twinge when I was teaching myself to crochet on the 15th. I had some other twinges over the next few days, but nothing strong enough to make me worry. By Wednesday I couldn’t ignore it any longer. Not only did I have intermittent sharp twinges of pinching pain in the back of my head and neck, every time I used my right hand, I could feel the leads shift. That’s not normal.

Last March I knew my leads had shifted because I felt the vibration in the wrong spot. They scooched over a bit and then stopped moving. This time is totally different. I can’t be sitting or standing up for more than 30 minutes before the pinching becomes unbearable. It doesn’t matter if I’m cleaning or walking or using my computer.

And there’s nothing to do except wait until the leads find their new spots and get settled. If the stimulator still works the same when the leads are finshed moving, there’s nothing to do. If it doesn’t or they keep moving, I’ll ultimately have to decide if I want to keep the implant or not.

Instead of thinking about it (or moving around), I’m getting a fix of movies and books. Between 7 p.m. on Saturday and 10 p.m. on Sunday, I watched Baby Boom, Maid in Manhattan, You’ve Got Mail, Old School and the first three episodes in the Pride and Prejudice miniseries. I also read the last 150 pages of one book and the first 50 of another.

I’ve reached my limit of being up, so that’s it for now. I’ll get into more details this week. Before I sign off, I need to ask a big favor — are there any chick flicks that you’d recommend? Generally Hart and I watch all our movies together, so I’m looking for movies that he won’t care if he misses out on.

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