Fabulous Site for Women with Chronic Illness

ChronicBabe is an awesome new website about enjoying life and having fun while dealing with chronic illness. Here’s a glimpse of the site’s tone and approach. Brilliant!

“If you’re living with a chronic illness and trying to balance healthy living and—whoa—fun, then you’re DEFINITELY in the right place. If you’re sick of reading depressing, clinical dissertations on disease, then you’re going to feel right at home. If you’re hunting for creative approaches to life, come on in. This online community is for babes (who just happen to be chronic).”

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Headache Forums

If you’re looking for a way to remember that you’re not alone and that it’s possible to find a way to deal with your pain, online forums are a great place to go. Even if you don’t you want to post, you can learn a lot from reading. Topics range from personal stories to drug side effects to treatment options. Some posts are rants about being miserable and others celebrate victories like positive test results or a new medication that gives relief.

There are four active forums that I know of and, even if the title includes “migraine,” they all address various types of headaches. Some focus on exchanging clinical information while others are more about creating relationships. Don’t be embarrassed to read without posting, to only write occasionally or to vent. All the forums are different, but they’re all made up of caring people who understand your frustrations.