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Migraine Preventive Lamictal & the Pill

Lamictal, an anticonvulsant sometimes used for migraine prevention, can reduce the effectiveness of birth control pills. If you’re using any sort of hormonal birth control (like the patch or a vaginal ring) and are prescribed Lamictal, consider using a back up method of birth control.

12/14/05: The link to the news article on this no longer works. While searching for it, I found old information that says that Lamictal doesn’t impede hormonal birth control. I’m sticking with the article I posted on — as they say, better safe than sorry.

2/9/10: I’ve asked several doctors about this potential interaction. All have said it isn’t an issue.

Meds & Supplements, Treatment

Topamax: $5 Off & New Prescribing Info

If you take Topamax, you’ll get a $5 check to offset the cost of your prescription if you register your information with the company.

Also, in June the FDA approved new prescribing information for Topamax. The current version is on the Topamax site. From the document that the FDA also published, I’ve put together a document with only the pages about the findings for treating migraines.