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The Great Pillow Experiment: Results Not Encouraging

My joy following the Great Pillow Experiment was sadly short-lived. The day of my original post was the best and the next day was pretty good. The relief dropped dramatically and I haven’t found it since. That was almost four weeks ago.

I tried a new pillow combination three nights ago. My neck and shoulder pain has lessened. While the chronic daily headache is unchanged, the migraine episodes haven’t been as severe as they were the past couple weeks.

If this doesn’t pan out, I’m not sure what’s next. My sensitivity to odors rules out memory foam, latex and the synthetic filling of most pillows. I’ve tried wool, buckwheat, down, and organic cotton over buckwheat, all to no avail. These fibers may be perfectly fine, but the pillow construction is never right.

The pillow of my dreams is shaped kind of like a memory foam pillow. There’s a densely stuffed ridge at the bottom to hold my neck in the right position and a dip above to keep my head at the correct angle. Maybe I should build my own.

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Finding the Right Pillow to Ease Neck Pain

I woke up this morning without the wrenching neck pain I’ve the last couple years. The secret of my success? Stacking two pillows much higher than I thought I needed.

As a side sleeper, I thought the pillow should hold my head the same distance from my shoulder as when I’m standing up. But I went through 11 pillows in a year without relief. Judging the distance between ear and shoulder nearly impossible when you’re lying down. I was worried about getting my head too high — until last night.

Two pillows seemed impossibly uncomfortable when I settled in. Hart even questioned my Great Pillow Experiment. The trial was successful. Turns out I need voluminous fluff to fill the space.

Not only did my neck feel better, my head has been happy so far today. One night’s evidence is laughable by the scientific method, yet I’m buoyed by the results. My solution isn’t perfect for everyone, but may be worth a shot. How much harm could it do? If it hurts too much, you’ll be awake within an hour or two and can adjust it.