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An Overprotective FDA?

Patients’ Right to Choose, a Washington Times commentary, argues that the FDA (and drug manufacturers) overreacts to safety concerns of drugs at the expense of treating patients who need the medications. Fundamentally, the ability for patients to consult with doctors and make informed treatment decisions for themselves is at stake. Should “risk-averse, publicity-shy bureaucrats, anti-FDA health-care activists or members of Congress” make our health care choices for us?

An example is Palladone being pulled off the market because of a potentially fatal interaction with alcohol. Do we need Purdue Pharma and the FDA to keep this drug out of the public’s hands or can patients be held responsible for learning about the meds they take and following the instructions? As someone with a largely untreatable disease, I want to make such choices for myself.

via Kevin, M.D.

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Palladone Removed from Market

Palladone and alcohol have been found to be a potentially lethal combination. The risk is increased with higher doses of the drug. Palladone, which is prescribed to patients with moderate to severe pain who need continuous relief, has been pulled off the market until the safety issues can be addressed.

Symptoms of the interaction include slow breathing, seizures, dizziness, weakness, loss of consciousness, confusion, coma, tiredness, cold and clammy hands, and small pupils.

I don’t know how commonly Palladone is used for headache patients, but I’m blogging about it just in case one of you happens to take it.

Palladone Pain Drug Pulled Off the Market