Marijuana, Peppers, Snails and Frogs, Oh My!

WebMD pulled up an article from the archives on the “unusual places” where researchers are looking to find ways to relieve pain. It’s five years old, but it explains why marijuana, peppers, snails and poisonous frogs hold promise for pain control. Even though my first response was, “Marijuana for pain control? Who knew?,” the article does describe truly unexpected sources for pain meds.

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Chronic Pain Feature in The Detroit News

The headline of this article from the Detroit News says it all: Chronic Pain is a Headache for Doctors, Patients: There are Many Treatments, and Some Even Work. The article explores pain medicine as a relatively new field and the holes in knowledge about what causes it, how it works and how to treat it.

It’s hard to not feel like a guinea pig and, sometimes, hard to believe that your doctor knows how to treat your pain. I think that headache patients are truly able to be partners with their doctors because there are so many unknowns. Of course, a lot of docs respond to the unknowns with defensiveness or bullheadedness, which angers patients and eliminates any chance for cooperative learning….