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Expert Answers to Questions About Migraine & Headaches

Teri Robert and John Claude Krusz, a neurologist and headache expert, have been hard at work on answering patients’ questions about migraine and other headache disorders. You can learn a lot by poking around in the previous answers or ask your own questions.


Finding Answers to Your Questions

“Ending an affair” is one of the top search terms that direct people to the blog. I know it’s because of my impassioned goodbye to peanut butter, but it makes me laugh every time I see it. However, I get no pleasure out of seeing the other search terms that lead people here. They remind me of the pain (both physical and emotional) and confusion that so many people with headache suffer.

I, of course, hope that people find what they’re looking for when they arrive here. But the blog is primarily driven by what I’m thinking about and going through. It’s not always the best place to find answers to specific questions.

If that’s what you’re looking for, check out Ask the Clinician on’s headache section. In almost four years of answering questions, Teri Robert and Dr. John Claude Krusz have compiled more than 1,200 responses to readers’ questions.

Recently, Teri created a list of the top 50 questions they have received. Topics include closure of a hole in the heart to treat migraine, children and migraine, managing diabetes during a migraine, exertional headaches, and if there’s a relation between blood pressure and headache.

That’s only a small sample. I suggest starting with the top 50 and, if you don’t find your answers there, visiting the archives for more information.

And if there’s a topic that I don’t cover on the blog that you’d like to hear about — whether it’s coping, news, treatment or anything else! — send me an e-mail. I’ll research and post about it.