Wellsphere’s Dishonest Acquisition of Bloggers’ Intellectual Property

In HealthCentral’s acquisition of Wellsphere, it has come out that Wellsphere has, rather dishonestly, gotten bloggers to give the company full rights to their written work — even if it was originally published on a the writer’s personal blog.

This is particularly frustrating for me because I turned down a well-paid gig for this very reason. It is something I checked for on Wellsphere, but somehow missed. I admit, it was in the fine print, but e-mails with company representatives were murky.

I have requested to have my account with Wellsphere removed and am no longer participating in the health blogger awards. If you are a blogger, please read ChronicBabe’s post on intellectual property rights. You may want to consider cancelling your account as well. In a show of solidarity, registered members without blogs may want to do the same. To do so, email your request to, and If that doesn’t work, try this method from Kerri at Six Until Me.

[via ChronicBabe]

Update: I realized Wellsphere is the company that created an account for me last year and republished my content without my permission! I had them cancel it in November, then was dumb enough to sign up again this year for the blog awards. Apparently flattery will get you everywhere with me.