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Welcome, Neurology Now Readers

Neurology Now, the American Academy of Neurology‘s patient-focused magazine, featured The Daily Headache in its August issue. Look for it at your next doctor’s appointment or, even better, subscribe to the free magazine. Each issue is informative and spotlights patients’ experiences.

If you found out about The Daily Headache from the article, thanks for stopping by! Get to know the blog by reading some favorite posts and visiting the online support group and forum. Check back regularly for new posts or subscribe to our feed or emails.

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Kerrie’s Life: Taking a Break

The last six (or 12 or 18…) have been tough. I’m physically and mentally exhausted from being sick, my dad being sick, and life’s general requirements. I’m taking a break. A two-month break to be exact. Hart has a sabbatical from work and we’ll be on vacation from now until mid-July. We both desperately need to get away and relax.

I couldn’t leave The Daily Headache in a lurch, of course. I’ve written and scheduled a lot of posts for the next couple months. Megan Oltman of Free My Brain From Migraine Pain and Marijke Durning from Help My Hurt have graciously volunteered to manage the blog while I’m away. Forum members Deborah and MJ will make sure everything runs smoothly there.

What’s that? You want to know where I’m going? A week in the South Pacific to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary is the first destination. On the way home, we’ll stop in Phoenix to visit family. We’ll spend June in Alaska. Our best friends will be here the first 10 days of July, then Hart’s sister and brother-in-law are coming for a week. It will be busy, but we’re good at doing nothing on vacation!

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MyMigraineConnection’s Poetry Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of MyMigraineConnection’s Putting Our Heads Together poetry contest!

  • Honorable Mention:

My Ghostly Shadow by SEG
A Rare Day
by cdelavarre
Pain Inside My Head
by thedoglady
The Thorn by Brynnwriter
The Stranger’s Eyes
by Roey

Be sure to check out all the excellent entries for this year’s contest!

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Headache NewsBlog By Headache Specialist Alexander Mauskop

Alexander Mauskop, director of the New York Headache Center, regularly posts his thoughts on current headache news on the aptly named Headache NewsBlog. He dispels myths and examines closely media coverage of headache news. Here’s a taste of Mauskop’s blog, but look over Headache NewsBlog to get the full flavor.

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Migraine Blog Roundup

Lots of migraine bloggers have been posting recently and the pieces are thoughtful, informative and touching. Here are just a few. Many of these blogs have newer posts than these and there are some blogs I couldn’t get to, but are always listed in the sidebar, so be sure to explore.