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Shocking News: Kids with Migraine Have “Behavior Problems”

Children and teenagers with severe headaches are more likely than others to have “emotional, behavioral and social problems,” according to a study published in the May issue of Pediatrics. From these findings, researchers are now asking about the correlation: Do the headaches lead to behavior problems or do the behavior problems lead to headaches?

Surely they can see that headache pain changes someone’s behavior. It’s both common sense and physiological fact.

Head pain = being grumpy, short tempered, angry, foggy headed, etc.

In addition, among the myriad symptoms of migraine — and I think of other headaches too — is altered behavior. According to the American Council for Headache Education‘s book Migraine: The Complete Guide some of these are mood changes, irritability, high energy and lethargy. Other symptoms that could change behavior include mental confusion, disorientation, transient global amnesia (similar to amnesia that follows a concussion), difficulty finding words, and problems understanding spoken or written language.

I know my behavior and attitudes change. I am often high strung right before a migraine and can be off kilter for a few days while I’m dealing with headache hangover. I also know that many of you have the same experiences.

Yes, yes, researchers don’t believe something to be “true” until studies shows that it is, but come on.