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Dietary Outlook Far Brighter After Discovering Supplement-Induced Depression Symptoms

All that gnashing of teeth about my diet? Turns out it was fueled by depression-like symptoms caused by a supplement called 5-MTHF (methyltetrahydrafolate), which I started six weeks ago. Yes, the diet still sucks. It sucks that I continue to feel worse whenever I introduce a new food. And it sucks that I have to choose between malnourishment and having more severe, more frequent migraine attacks. But, since stopping the supplement, I’m no longer reduced to tears thinking about it and I no longer fear I’ll forever be trapped in this dietary mess. Even better, I have hope for the data gathered through this experiment and the possibilities of treatments that are on the horizon.

Depression of any provenance is miserable, but being able to stop the depression symptoms just by not taking a supplement is better than the best gift I’ve ever received. Depression that stops within days of stopping a supplement, no antidepressants or their side effects necessary? That feels like a miraculous recovery.

P.S. I’m working on a post about 5-MTHF and my reaction to it — which is particularly relevant because it is part of the vitamin combination Australian researchers are testing as a treatment for migraineurs with a certain genetic mutation — but I don’t have the mental ability to edit it right now. That’s mostly due the the nasty migraine that struck last night… only a few hours after I finally got a reprieve from a six-day-long migraine. The great news is that despite these migraines, my mood is good and my outlook is positive.

P.P.S. Speaking of fabulous gifts, check out these bear rug coasters Hart gave me for my birthday. Perfect for anyone in need of a smile. It helps to say “splat!” whenever setting a glass down on one.