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OTC Pain Meds & High Blood Pressure

Over-the-counter pain meds raise the risk of high blood pressure — for men as well as women. A recent study indicates that all painkillers are potential culprits, they include:

This is yet more proof that over-the-counter does not mean safe. Some other problems with OTC painkillers are increased heart attack risk, stomach bleeding and liver damage.

The American Heart Association advised yesterday that doctors be cautious in prescribing painkillers, particularly Celebrex, because of the risks. Today’s New York Times warns that few patients know the appropriate dose of acetaminophen or the havoc it can wreak on one’s liver.

No wonder I try so hard to tough it out.

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Aspirin as Effective as Imitrex?

That’s what a press release on a study presented yesterday at the European Headache Federation’s 8th Annual Congress proclaims. Mind you, the study was presented at the “New Reasons for Aspirin in Headache” symposium, which was sponsored by Bayer. And the press release was written by Bayer. Doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the findings, does it?

The press release caught my attention because I met a new friend yesterday who told me that her life-saving drugs were triptans and aspirin for her migraines and aspirin when her daily headache get bad. She’s the only person I’ve talked to who has had such success with aspirin.

Similarly, With all the drugs I’ve tried, Advil is still my best abortive. Do any of you have a like experience with a basic OTC analgesic?