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The Amazing Feat of a Normal Life

Only six months ago, I wrote about how little I got done on a good day. Now, nearly every day I wake up in the morning, do stuff all day, then go to bed. Often I don’t pick up my Kindle or check Facebook until bedtime.

What I did over the weekend would not be remarkable for most people. To me, it feels like an amazing feat.

Friday: Wrote in the morning, went to the grocery store, cooked all afternoon, showered, attended a concert and danced (very aerobically) for an hour

Saturday: Up at 8:30, showered, cooked, packed, rode in the car for a two-hour drive Northern Arizona, chatted, hiked, hung out, played a game, stayed awake until everyone went to be after midnight

Sunday: Up at 7:30, showered, packed, cleaned, chatted, rode in the car for two hours to get home from Northern Arizona, lazed and read a bit, cleaned the kitchen, went out to dinner

Looks like a normal person’s life, right?

Showering did not cause me to collapse, nor did eating. My pain never got above a 4 and was mostly a 2. I took Midrin the two times the pain hit a 4 because I did want to miss the party. I was even with people I don’t know very well, which takes more effort and energy than being with good friends.

Ten years ago, I wondered how the life I was living could be mine. I barely left the house, wasn’t working and couldn’t even figure out who I was. Once again, I can’t believe the life I’m living is mine, but for very different reasons.

7 thoughts on “The Amazing Feat of a Normal Life”

  1. I’ve been living with chronic daily migraine for a year now and at times I’ve lost hope. I’m miserable. Every day is a struggle, but I keep on hoping that tomorrow will be a better day or the pain will just stop. I enjoy reading your blog and wish you continued joy in your life. I do have a quick question though…are you on a new preventative med that has helped you more the past year? Thank you!

  2. Kerrie, I’m so happy for you! This sounds like a wonderful weekend, and one that many chronic migraineurs dream of having. I hope you continue to feel better. Warm regards, Sarah

  3. What diet changes made such a difference in your pain levels? I feel like I have tried everything, but nothing has worked.

  4. Love this post! Sometimes I get grumpy about the recurring migraines, but your post reminded me of, how far I’ve come with changing my own diet. My energy level is so high now, that I can make longer bike tours. Before, even simple tasks like house cleaning were challenging because of my low energy level.
    Thanks for inspiring others to look into diet changes in preventing migraines :-))

  5. I know I’ve only been reading your blog for a couple months, but I’m SO happy for you! It gives me hope!!! This sounds like my old life!!!

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