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Visual Aids for Headache

I’ve already posted on the New York Times article that calls migraineamong the worst nonfatal afflictions of humankind” (cluster headache sounds even worse to me) which the Providence Journal has reprinted. But, the images that accompany the reprint are some of the best visual depictions of headache or migraine that I’ve seen.

The second one accompanined the original article, but I love the one with the flame.

2 thoughts on “Visual Aids for Headache”

  1. Thanks Kerrie. Interesting information, but it doesn’t really fit my experience. I’ll do some more digging, and let you kow if I learn anything more about this.

  2. Kerrie, This posting prompted me to reread about cluster headaches–a condition I’ve read about before and even seen videos of people going through an attack (and I agree, the condition seems worse than migraine). In clicking on the link you provided for cluster headaches, I noted it listed for eye symptoms:

    – Swelling around the eye on the affected side of the face
    – Reduced pupil size
    – Drooping eyelid

    It also stated the drooping eyelid and reduced pupil size could remain for awhile after the attack. Do you know if this trait is also considered to be a characteristic of migraine. I don’t recall ever seeing it on the list for migraine symptoms, and yet I have had this happen many times when I’ve had a particularly severe migraine.

    I have no idea. This is the only information I’ve found:

    Ophthalmoplegic Migraine
    These have been called a rare type of migraine, though researchers now believe it’s not technically a migraine at all. The headache is usually severe, and is accompanied by weakness in one or more of the eye muscles. Because of the decreased eye movement, you may experience temporary (less than 2 hours) double vision, drooping eyelid, or dilated pupil. Most often this problem is diagnosed in children.

    I hope this helps.


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