What’s YOUR Story?

What’s it like for you to live with migraine, cluster headache, NDPH, another headache disorder, or any chronic illness? Please share your story with us! (Not sure what to write? Scroll down for questions to spark ideas.)

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Guidelines: We’re looking for relatable stories that other readers can connect with and find support and encouragement from. Please avoid direct medical advice or product endorsements. We cannot republish stories that appear elsewhere. Stories will be held for review prior to publication. Stories that do not meet these guidelines may be edited or withheld altogether. We cannot guarantee a specific publication date. 

Questions to spark topic ideas:

  • How old are you? When were you diagnosed? How long did you have symptoms before you were diagnosed?
  • What do you find most frustrating about your illness?
  • What have you learned about yourself from living with an illness?
  • What areas of your life have been most affected by your illness? Please elaborate on how they are affected and what strategies you use to cope.
  • How has your illness affected your relationships (whether romantic, friendships, or with family? How have your loved ones surprised you? How do they show their support?
  • How strong are your relationships with your health care providers? Do you feel like they are supportive and knowledgeable about your illness? What advice would you give a reader who is looking for a new health care provider?

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