Trying to Catch My Breath & Grumbling a Bit

The rest of my niece’s visit was great. I’m glad I didn’t get too sick while she was here, but hate that I always lose a week to migraines after a trip or big event. Yesterday I slept too late and was fuzzy-headed and dizzy all day. Today I woke up and was out of the shower by 9 a.m., but have a growing headache and feel disoriented.

I’m sorry to complain. I’m overwhelmed by frustration right now.

I know better than to plan a lot for the week after a trip, visitor or activity. I put many tasks on hold until after my niece’s visit, which is normally fine. If I don’t get to my to-do list the week after the one that wears me out, I can do it the following week. While annoying, this isn’t usually a problem. I didn’t realize that doing so this time wouldn’t leave me enough catch-up time before our September vacation.

Freaking out isn’t a solution; neither is being grouchy. I’m trying to think “I’m not happy” and figure out how to be not unhappy. It’s one of those days where a resolution is far from forthcoming. Grr.