Thanks So Much

First, I want to say thanks again for all the supportive comments and emails. It’s been great for both of us to know that so many people are thinking about Kerrie and her recovery.

I just wanted to post a quick update that she’s still doing well but now that the anesthesia has worn off she’s feeling a bit more battered than she was last night so she’s not going to be up for posting today. Still, I know she’s doing a lot better than when she had the stimulator put in because she’s already sitting up reading, talking on the phone, and occasionally puttering into the kitchen for a snack. Hopefully she’ll returning you to your regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.



She’s Out, She’s Great

I’m sitting next to Kerrie in the recovery room and she’s doing great, eating Graham crackers, drinking water, talking about baseball, and generally enjoying having a few fewer ounces of metal in her life. We asked to keep the stimulator and hopefully they’re going to clean it up, inspect the unit, and then send it to us so she can post a bunch of pictures of it.

Oh! Gotta go–the wheelchair is here. I’m sure Kerrie will provide more thoughts soon.



Kerrie’s in Surgery

I just wanted to let you all know that they just wheeled Kerrie back for her surgery about ten minutes ago. She’s been in great spirits, even if she’s really hungry at this point. Well, she’s probably not very hungry right now…she was already slurring a bit from her anesthesia meds as I was leaving so I’m sure she’s asleep back there.

I’ll post again when she’s out and recovering. A big thanks to everyone for their well wishes — it’s meant a lot to both of us!



One Week & Counting

The surgery to remove my nerve stimulator is a week from today! (Yes, the original date was September 13, but it was rescheduled for the 12th.) The only part that I’m nervous about is that it’s at 2:30 in the afternoon. I can’t eat after 7 p.m. the night before, so I’m going to be a bear — with a headache — by about 11 a.m.

It’s so worth it though. We’re flying out on Saturday and have planned for our Phoenix family and friends who we consider family to come to my parents’ house on Sunday. We’ll definitely have some fun in the days before the surgery.

And we had dinner last night with our friend who’s a yoga instructor. I’m so excited to start taking classes with her again.

I’m one happy girl who’s bubbling over with anticipation.


A Nerve Stimulatoree’s Positive Experience

My feelings about nerve stimulation has obviously changed over time and I have often wished that I wrote about the process as I went along. Mary Gustafson, a journalist in her mid-20s, has done exactly that on her blog That Headache Girl.

Mary, who is insightful and hilarious, describes the personal and technical aspects of the surgery and the device. During all this, she’s been interviewed by some TV stations that were writing about the procedure.

Be sure to check it out for another — and positive — view from a nerve stimulatoree or just for a great blog on life with headache. Here are some nerve stimulator-specific posts to get you started.

[9/21/06: Mary’s blog is not currently available.]