Recommended Product: MgBright Magnesium for Migraine

I’ve recently switched from Bluebonnet chelated magnesium to a kind called MgBright, which the company describes as “pure, safe, non-laxative and high-absorbing.” The company sent me a sample bottle, which I tested for a few months, even increasing my overall dose during that time. As the bottle neared empty, I decided MgBRIGHT was OK, but no better than what I’d been taking before. When I switched back to Bluebonnet, however, I developed stomach cramping. While Bluebonnet was great at 700 mg, now that I’m taking nearly 1,200 mg*, it didn’t work so smoothly.

MgBright is offering a discount for The Daily Headache readers. The first 25 people who use the code TDHBLOG during checkout will receive 20% off the regular price of $49.91. You may buy it here. (I get no compensation if you buy the product. I tried it and liked it and wanted you to know about it.)

*This is a very high dose and should only be taken under the supervision of a health care professional! Actually, you should clear any dose with your doctor as many people with migraine need more than the recommended daily allowance.

Mar. 5, 2015: MgBright’s pricing has increased dramatically. It’s main ingredient is monomagnesium malate. Many companies now sell monomagnesium malate for considerably less than MgBright costs.