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“Herbal Supplement 100% Effective Against Migraines”

A headline like this is sure to raise my eyebrows, even when the results are “clinically proven.” Especially then. Come on, no treatment, no matter what it is, is 100% effective.

After listing potential side effects of Western medication (which included vague complaints that are common in everyday life), Migra-Zen‘s makers wrote, “Fortunately, consumers don’t have to choose between the pain of migraines and the dangers of drugs.”

But it’s OK to trust in a treatment that claims to be safe, but contains undisclosed ingredients? Anyone who has read about the presence of a chemical used to develop film in HeadOn knows how harmful having such faith can be.

Plus, they mention the clinical trial to prove the legitimacy of their claims. There was one “trial,” which included 75 participants. No drug from the pharmaceutical industry could be proven safe — which is something that the Migra-Zen folks apparently didn’t even test for — or effective with one trial. It’s not uncommon for future research to contradict findings of any medical study.

Not only should the claim that Migra-Zen is 100% effective make you skeptical, “proprietary blend” is sketchy. In no case does “all natural” mean that a product is safe. Arsenic is natural. Why not take it for your headaches?