Questionnaire to Ease Visit to New Doctor

The National Headache Foundation‘s website has a headache questionnaire that’s a valuable tool for people with undiagnosed or vaguely diagnosed headache and their doctors. The form has 54 questions, including, “Do you tend to pace the floors with a headache?” and “Do odors such as perfumes or gasoline fumes ever trigger a headache?” Looking at your answers can help your doctor determine if you headaches are migraine, tension-type, cluster or something else.

Giving your headache can be overwhelming and there’s a chance that you’ll forget an important piece of information. This questionnaire makes the storytelling easier for you and helps your doctor get all the information he or she needs.

Update 6/19/13: I can no longer locate the questionnaire on NHF’s site, but you can see it in this ENT’s patient form.