It’s Not All Bad

Whenever I dwell about what I’ve lost to headaches, like I did on Friday, I eventually come around to thinking about what I have gained because of them. I do appreciate the good days – and hours – that I get. I am more compassionate and sympathetic. I recognize how amazing my friends and family are. I’ve learned to relax and not be so self-critical. I value myself and my body. Some say that I’ve lost my youth to this disease. I can’t deny that, but I am glad that I learned these lessons when I was young so that I can draw on them for the rest of my life.

On one forum where I asked others what they’ve lost, someone started another thread asking what we’ve gained. Again, I won’t share these because of privacy, but the responses were remarkable. Even though the good is often overshadowed by the bad, there’s hope that they’ll balance out one day. We’re a resilient bunch.