Coping, Treatment

So Tired, So Frustrated

That sums it up. I’ve been exhausted since Thursday, was exhausted and had terrible migraines on Saturday, Sunday and today, and had a moderately painful headache lingering yesterday. No treatment seems to be working. Not that I’m surprised.

D, my acupuncturist and herbalist, and I agree that the headache-specific acupuncture points weren’t working for me. We’ve switched to a stress-reducing/anxiety-relieving/calming treatment. I had needlings Thursday, Friday and yesterday. I was exhausted before I went to every appointment — and still am — but my headaches haven’t escalated any of the evenings after a treatment.

I’m no longer simply grateful for the few hours of energy and clarity I got with one of my earlier treatments. Now my thoughts are about the mind that I’ve lost, the severity of which I only truly grasped after I had it back for a while. It’s been a month and I don’t see the mental fog lifting again.

It’s hard to not be discouraged.