Recommended Product: MgBright Magnesium for Migraine

I’ve recently switched from Bluebonnet chelated magnesium to a kind called MgBright, which the company describes as “pure, safe, non-laxative and high-absorbing.” The company sent me a sample bottle, which I tested for a few months, even increasing my overall dose during that time. As the bottle neared empty, I decided MgBRIGHT was OK, but no better than what I’d been taking before. When I switched back to Bluebonnet, however, I developed stomach cramping. While Bluebonnet was great at 700 mg, now that I’m taking nearly 1,200 mg*, it didn’t work so smoothly.

MgBright is offering a discount for The Daily Headache readers. The first 25 people who use the code TDHBLOG during checkout will receive 20% off the regular price of $49.91. You may buy it here. (I get no compensation if you buy the product. I tried it and liked it and wanted you to know about it.)

*This is a very high dose and should only be taken under the supervision of a health care professional! Actually, you should clear any dose with your doctor as many people with migraine need more than the recommended daily allowance.

Mar. 5, 2015: MgBright’s pricing has increased dramatically. It’s main ingredient is monomagnesium malate. Many companies now sell monomagnesium malate for considerably less than MgBright costs.


Topamax: $5 Off & New Prescribing Info

If you take Topamax, you’ll get a $5 check to offset the cost of your prescription if you register your information with the company.

Also, in June the FDA approved new prescribing information for Topamax. The current version is on the Topamax site. From the document that the FDA also published, I’ve put together a document with only the pages about the findings for treating migraines.