I’m a Babe!

A ChronicBabe, that is. The latest LadyBlogger profile is a Q&A with yours truly. You can also learn more about fellow headache patient Tracy Young, from Moogle’s Thoughts, who was a featured LadyBlogger in December.

Digging around for photos to go with the profile, I was reminded of how active and joyful I’m still able to be. The picture of me rappelling into a cave is definitely one of my visual representations of hope. It shows not only a triumph over illness, but a triumph over my inner chicken.


Resistance & Acceptance

When someone is diagnosed with an illness, be it acute or chronic, he or she determines the best strategies to fight the disease. It’s part of our social script: People get sick, but they fight their diseases and get well. OK, some people do live with chronic illness, but only once they figure out how to eliminate their symptoms. These illnesses lurk in the background, not wreaking havoc on their lives.

Does this idea sound familiar? It certainly does to me. In The Not-So-Gentle Art of Acceptance ChronicBabe Editrix Jenni Prokopy describes her resistance and considers the role of acceptance in her chronic illness. Here’s an excerpt from her beautifully written and encouraging piece:

“The idea just seems so shocking; the concept that my body, with fibromyalgia, is in a state of wholeness? That’s crazy talk. The idea that my body is full of wisdom? That those symptoms — those signals — are the easiest way my body has of maneuvering me into a place of total self-care? Whoa. (I’m crying as I write this. This is not an easy concept for me to wrap my brain around.)

“I have always resisted the idea of acceptance, because I always felt my body was flawed. That I was broken in some way. Who wants to accept that? And I have spent many, many years searching for my “fix.” Because it is just so damn unfair, so wrong, there has to be a solution. And I am surrounded by people (and their books and stuff) who believe they have the answer and are willing, for a price of course, to reveal to me their secrets. So it’s very tempting to search and search for the answer. Because it feels like if you stop searching, you’re giving up. It could be right around the corner! I’m no quitter!”


More on Drug Ads

I just saw that ChronicBabe also mentions the voluntary restrictions, including a link to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s coverage, which explores details and many opposing views on the topic. Great coverage. Thanks, Babe!


ChronicBabe: In the Kitchen

Jennifer Hess, a ChronicBabe contributor, knows that eating minimally processed foods without many additives helps keep her pain under control. Instead of eating junk when she’s exhausted, in pain and can’t think, she has invested in good kitchen tools and always has easy-to-prepare, good-for-you food on hand. Jennifer shares her secrets in Chronic in the Kitchen! Tips to Keep You Cooking.


Small Talk on ChronicBabe

Not only is ChronicBabe a fabulous new site, it’s a fabulous new site that I’m now a contributor to. Full Disclosure? No Disclosure? One Babe Considers Her Small Talk Options is a version of Too Much Information.