Carnivals of Compassion, 15 & 16

 Last week’s Carnival of Compassion, posted by carnival founder Dr. Del, is available on Gabbr. Topics of particular interest to people with headache include prayer and healing, chronic back pain (and the wider implications of chronic pain), and the impact of headache on productivity and job security. [9/21/06: No longer available]

My Migraine Battle: On the Forefront hosts this week’s carnival. Jessica’s post is thorough and thoughtful, covering topics from headache, migraine and nursing chronic pain patients to ALS and cancer.

Carnival of Compassion is a weekly roundup of the "best of" recent patient blog posts. It’s a great way to connect with others with life-changing illnesses. Even if we have different diagnoses, circumstances and potential "cures," many of our struggles are similar. If you’d like to host it on your blog sometime, read the details and send Dr. Del an e-mail message.


Carnival of Compassion #14

Tracy of Moggles Thoughts, a fellow migraineur, is hosting this week’s Carnival of Compassion. All her links are headache-related, so be sure to take a look.


Carnival of Compassion #13

ChronicBabe is the host of this week’s Carnival of Compassion. In her usual fashion, Editrix Jenni has gone all out with the carnival. One site that sticks out is CI Coach, which is is helpful for anyone learning to live with chronic illness.

Next week’s host is fellow migraineur Tracy of Moogle’s Thoughts.


Carnivals of Compassion, 11 & 12

In my haze, I’ve managed to skip over the last two Carnivals of Compassion. Rae from Limbodacious posted the 11th edition last week. The 12th edition was posted yesterday by Cary of Cancer News Watch. Both posts are remarkable and thorough. (Sorry, that’s all my head will let me write tonight.)


Carnival of Compassion #10

Six Until Me hosts the 10th edition of Carnival of Compassion. Kerri’s highlights the importance of finding others struggling with the same or similar diseases. As she points out, the carnival is about realizing "that there are so many other people on the same ride."