Sort of on Vacation

I’m going on vacation tomorrow, but will still be posting each weekday. I’ll read and respond to e-mail and comments once a week, otherwise you won’t notice a difference. I’ll be back full time on October 8. See you then!


Woefully Behind

I’m woefully behind on my e-mail and responding to comments. If I keep the migraines at bay, I hope to get back to you all this week.


Getting Back to E-mail & Comments

Thanks to all who have e-mailed me or posted comments recently. I appreciate hearing from you, but won’t be able to reply to messages until Wednesday. Fortunately, it’s not because my headaches are too bad, but because I’ve got so much going on and need to conserve my energy when I have down time. I actually feel pretty good. Napping in the afternoons seems to have helped.


Blog Housekeeping

A Powell’s Books search box replaced the Amazon box in the sidebar and the “Good Headache & Health Books” also link to Powell’s. It’s all part of my plan to do what I can to better the world. In this case, it’s by supporting a fantastic local(ish) business that’s in Portland.

I can’t accurately describe how amazing Powell’s stores are. The stacks and stacks of books envelop you as if your shoulders were wrapped in a cozy blanket. Shopping online doesn’t replicate that feeling, but there’s an echo of it.

Amazon is knows for their low prices, but when I fill my two virtual carts with the same books, the two are almost always within a couple dollars of each other. And Amazon doesn’t necessarily have the lower total. One drawback is that free shipping at Powell’s requires a $50 purchase instead of Amazon’s $25.

I’m still using a referral system like I did with Amazon, so a portion of the proceeds helps support The Daily Headache if you make a purchase after arriving at the Powell’s site from a link or the search box on my blog.

In posts I’ll link to Powell’s unless they don’t have the book in stock. Then I’ll link to Amazon, where I’ll still get a payment for the referral. If you want to buy something other than books, The Daily Headache will still benefit if use this Amazon link.


Away From E-Mail Again

We’ll be camping at Glacier National Park for the next week, so I won’t have internet access. I’ve set up posts for each day, I’ll be gone but won’t be able to respond to comments or e-mail until the end of next week.

Hope you’re all as well as possible!