Carnivals of Compassion, 11 & 12

In my haze, I’ve managed to skip over the last two Carnivals of Compassion. Rae from Limbodacious posted the 11th edition last week. The 12th edition was posted yesterday by Cary of Cancer News Watch. Both posts are remarkable and thorough. (Sorry, that’s all my head will let me write tonight.)


Carnival of Compassion #10

Six Until Me hosts the 10th edition of Carnival of Compassion. Kerri’s highlights the importance of finding others struggling with the same or similar diseases. As she points out, the carnival is about realizing "that there are so many other people on the same ride."


Carnival of Compassion #9

Welcome to the ninth edition of Carnival of Compassion, a weekly roundup of the "best of" recent patient blog posts.

Good advice and resources can make coping with illness a little easier.

Understanding how others perceive you and your illness is occasionally more difficult than managing the illness itself. Especially if you feel abandoned.

I’m convinced that the plot of most movies and books can be summed up by saying, "It’s about the resiliency of the human spirit." That’s something that patients have in common, too.

It’s shouldn’t surprise anyone that illness instigates many unexpected changes in life.

Sometimes the little things are the most important.

Being a patient can mean more than confronting illness — like confronting social issues.

When someone becomes a caregiver, his or her life changes significantly. I’m sharing these blogs in honor of all the selfless people who assume the role.

To end on a light note…

  • Meds are often at the forefront of managing illness. Listen to the Drugs Song, shared on Blacktriangle, for a laugh.

Six Until Me will host next week’s Carnival of Compassion. If you’d like to host it on your blog sometime, read the details.


Carnival of Compassion #8

Diary of a Nurse hosts the eighth edition Carnival of Compassion (we skipped #7). This week’s carnival focuses on professional caregivers and maintaining compassion, professionalism and keeping calm during high-stress situations.


Carnival of Compassion #6

Mary’s Breast Cancer Blog hosts the sixth edition Carnival of Compassion. This week’s carnival talks about  a breast cancer news blog, a hospital’s patient blogs and a post on patient blogging. Mary also talks about but blogs and sites with paintings and photographs that have inspired her during her fight against breast cancer.