Blog Dedicated to Chronic Illness and Marriage

Chronic Marriage is a fabulous blog on chronic illness and marriage that I’ve just stumbled upon. The blogger, Helena Madsen, not only discusses issues that relationships face when one partner has a chronic illness, but gives concrete suggestions for coping with them. Some that have caught my eye:

The posts are directed toward married heterosexual women, but much of the advice seems like it could be applicable to all romantic relationships. I highly recommend check out this blog!


April Headache Blog Carnival Posted

The April Headache & Migraine Blog Carnival is now up! This month’s carnival focuses on basic coping strategies for living with headache and migraine. I enjoyed reading the great posts and learning about some blogs I’d never heard of:

Many thanks to Diana from Somebody Heal Me for all her hard work on the carnival.


Weirdest Migraine Trigger Contest

Free My Brain from Migraine Pain blog is hosting a weirdest migraine trigger contest. We’ve all got some weird ones — what’s yours? Submit it to Megan at megan[at]trufflehunter[dot]us by midnight tomorrow, April 30 Friday, May 2. You could be one of the lucky ones with a really strange trigger!