Migraine Problems: Haircuts

Thanks to my extreme sensitivity to odors, getting a haircut often triggers a migraine. Here’s how I’ve learned to avoid salon-induced migraine attacks.

1. Avoid salons that do nails. Need I say more?

2. Go to an Aveda salon. While the scent of Aveda’s products is too strong for me to use on my hair, the scents don’t linger in the air of hair salons. Even the hair coloring chemicals don’t bother me (much). I did a sniff test of all the hair salons within a few miles of my house, none of which were Aveda. Most of them had such a strong odor that I didn’t even have to open the door to know it would trigger a migraine. After smelling all those, I decided the extra time to get to an Aveda salon was worth it.

3. Take your own products. Even though I go to Aveda salons (and think their products smell divine), the long-lasting product scents always trigger migraine attacks, so I always bring my own. Some stylists turn up their noses at my homemade products. They’re usually understanding when I explain why, but I recently broke up with a stylist who was snotty about my obviously inferior products.

4. Try to schedule at a time when the other appointments don’t involve hair color. This one can be difficult, but most salons try to accommodate me, especially if I explain the issue.

5. Shower immediately after the appointment. It’s disappointing to wash out a beautifully styled haircut, but my hair and body pick up product odors just from the stylist touching me.

6. Use a neti pot. This is the newest and most ridiculous thing I have to do after a haircut. My current stylist is incredible, but, even though she uses a modest amount, I can’t escape the smell of her perfume. The scent is pleasant and isn’t strong enough to trigger a migraine while I’m at the salon. Still, it stays with me for hours unless I use a neti pot after I shower. Last week, I had to wash my nose out with a washcloth to eradicate the smell! (But I didn’t get a migraine.)

Do you have any tips for migraine-free haircuts? Please share in a comment!


Aveda Saves the Day

One of non-headache symptoms I have with a bad headache is dark circles under my eyes. I’m not just hyper-aware of it, other people ask me if I’m OK after seeing my eyes.

The wonders of of Aveda‘s tourmaline eye cream are almost too amazing to explain. It masks under-eye circles better than any other product I’ve tried, it doesn’t require another layer of makeup to look OK and it’s not cakey. Men and women alike can wear it as it’s not noticeable on non-makeup wearers (like me).

It’s pricey at $30 a tube, but you only need to use a tiny bit at a time. Everyone I know who has tried it has bought a tube — and started extolling its virtues to everyone they know. It’s that good.