4 mg Dose of Injectable Imitrex Approved

Injectable Imitrex in 4 mg doses has been approved by the FDA. Until now it was only available in 6 mg doses.


Using Targeted Meds for New Headache Patients

In what appears to be today’s theme, James Cottrill from Relieve Migraine Headache blogged about getting the most effective headache treatment sooner in your hunt for headache meds.

He cites a study on how doctors treat new headache patients. Some start with inexpensive, less effective and non-targeted meds. Others jump right in to specific headache treatment, like triptans for migraine. The results show that patients whose docs treat headache aggressively from the start have a better eventual outcome.

Read James’ post for details.


FDA to Review “New” Migraine Drug

The FDA has accepted for review a “new” migraine drug, Trexima, that was developed by Pozen for sale by GlaxoSmithKline. Trexima is a combination of sumitriptan (Imitrex) and naproxen sodium (the ingredient in Aleve).

Hmm, could this be GSK’s desperate attempt to hold the patent (set to expire in 2009) on a drug that brings in loads of money? Patients who spend small fortunes on triptans each year would probably be willing to forego the convenience of taking one pill instead of two.

You gotta love CNN’s headline: Glaxo’s New Drug May Save Migraine Sales. Who knew that you could buy and sell migraine. I’d be happy to put mine up for sale. Think anyone would buy it on eBay?


Be an Informed Drug-Taker

Did you know that October is Talk About Prescriptions Month? Neither did I until I read it on’s headache page. This year’s theme is the 3 Rs of prescriptions: risk, respect and responsibility. With the daily cocktail of preventives and buffet of abortives that people with headache take, this article is a good reminder of what we need to ask and know about our meds.

And to add to the list of ways to keep drug information, scanning the copious leaflets, pamphlets, fact sheets and boxes to your computer and saving them as jpegs is a low-paper way to go.


A Familiar Story: You’re Not Alone

“Marjorie Jennens felt guilty as she swallowed the tablet – six of them cost $288 of hard-won family money – and sometimes she just vomited them up. But, she told herself, anything was better than the migraines that crippled her most days of the week.”

This is an excerpt from Migraine: The Mother of All Headaches, from Stuff, a New Zealand news website. Many of the points touched upon are painfully familiar to headache sufferers. The article resonates. Deeply.

The New Zealand Migraine Support Group, which is mentioned in the article, has some terrific resources on its website.