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  1. Lisa Parnow says:

    I have suffered with migraine since I was 19 years old. I am now 56. I was getting anywhere from 1-3 a week and of course they lasted 2-3 days each. The medicine for my headache is up to $14.00 for each headache. Two years ago my husband was taken ill and a nutritionist put him on a strick diet and I went on it with him as I had to do the cooking. To my amazement I didn’t have a headache for six months!!!!!! Until we went back east to see our daughter. It turns out that the majority of my headaches are caused by MSG which is in everything. Check out the Hidden Sources of MSG on the truth in labeling website. It is unbelieable how companies will put MSG into our food just to boost sales. Some of the surprises for me were Organic, gluten free, dairy free and non GMO products which my grandson eats were full of MSG. The law states that if it is below 2% of the ingredients in a product that it does not need to be on the lable as MSG. They can however put it in food under several sources and still not list it as MSG. I have made hundreds of phone calls to company to compain without so much as an apology. Other surprises were Ritz crackers all canned soups health food bars, tomato sauce, fresh chicken (with broth). The companys will lie to sell their products. I do have a few other triggers, but for about 90 % of my headaches the MSG is the culprit. Also, I am unable to go out to dinner to 90% of restaurants and they almost all use MSG. The upper end restaurants do not use MSG as they know how to season food without it. I also found out that it is against the law to use MSG in most of the European countries and most of Canada. I hope that this is helpful to at least one person. Thanks and have a good day. Lisa Parnow

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