Why American Health Care Costs Are So High

Anyone who pays for health care in the U.S. should watch this excellent explanation of the complicated, nuanced reasons health care costs are so high here. It’s making the rounds on my Facebook feed from people all across the political spectrum.

2 Responses to Why American Health Care Costs Are So High

  1. Timothy Bauer says:

    To everyone who has dealt with our expensive health care
    system. Would also recommend a lengthy article which
    have read a couple of times. It was the feature article by
    Steven Brill-in Time Magazine. Just type in google-Steven
    Brill/Time Magazine/Why health care costs are so high.

    Take your time-read carefully and will open some eyes
    to some of the reasons-why Americans spend so much
    of our GNP on medical care.

    Unfortunately it will be hard to rectify the situation.

    Timothy from Reno

  2. Thanks for the information, I look forward to reading it. (The link is I really liked the video I posted, though I’ve seen some compelling counter-arguments since posting it. I definitely agree that it’s a multifaceted, complicated problem.


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