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TheraSpecs Migraine Glasses Featured on TV Show The Doctors!

TheraSpecs are featured on today’s episode of the TV show The Doctors! We’re so pleased they highlighted what makes TheraSpecs unique and mentioned that wearing regular sunglasses can worsen light sensitivity. You can watch for yourself:


I’m also glad that the entire segment on migraine has pretty good information. My main quibble is with the statement, “There are always certain foods for some people that will bring on migraines.” Not everyone has food triggers and those who do don’t always get a migraine attack after eating their trigger foods. Also, I believe the audience member’s question is why preventives that once worked stop working, but the response addresses overuse of painkillers and abortives. These issues seem more like unclear communication than inaccurate information. Not bad for covering a huge topic in only three-minutes.

5 thoughts on “TheraSpecs Migraine Glasses Featured on TV Show The Doctors!”

  1. My phone won’t support the plug in to watch it, unfortunately, but I have done my due diligence on TheraSpecs and would order them yesterday if I could. I have been on SSDI since 2003 due to chronic migraines, after 25 years of having them on a daily basis. Unfortunately, I am on a limited income and sadly cannot afford them. It’s too bad that Medicare doesn’t cover something like that, because if they worked as well for me as I believe that they would, it would save Medicare a bundle. If anybody reads this and has any doubts, I can tell you, I have researched these and they are awesome and they are something to get excited about. If you can, get them! They are worth the money spent!

  2. They are available on Amazon also, they have a decent selection. I have not tried these myself yet, I am doing my due diligence – but I am getting excited!

  3. I suffer with migraines and find that sunglasses are helpful, are these TheraSpecs glasses available for purchase online or a store located here in Canada, specifically in British Columbia.
    thank you kindly

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