Depression Explained Compellingly and Hilariously

Depression Part Two from Hyperbole and a Half may be the most illustrative, eloquent, and hilarious description of depression you will ever read. If you struggle with depression or know someone who does (and everyone falls into at least one of those those categories), do yourself a tremendous favor and read it now.

2 Responses to Depression Explained Compellingly and Hilariously

  1. Nilofer says:

    I like it… I have been thinking about some of the new age suppositions about the universe that I read about a long, long time ago (I was very open-minded in my 20s). Anyway, the jist of the meaning of life went like this: The world is extremely negative and we are here to do the best we can with our circumstances and that the act of resisting negativity/violence, whether there is success in the endeavor or not, produces an expansion of the universe. The expansion of energy/the universe somehow correlates with an overall increase in “love-energy” . The other point that I recall was that “they” never thought that humans would get as far as we have. Our nature is so destructive that the fact that we have lasted this long without annihilating the human race has exceeded expectations. It is a positive message without leaving out the stark realities that we usually try to run away from… but who knows…

  2. Nikki says:

    best damned description of the depression process I have ever read.

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